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Hi! I give you free stuff on how to succeed in college: advice, tips, cheating sheets as well as give you insights how the whole ‘college essay writing thing’ works. Got some ideas or comments? Send your message to [email protected].

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Email Etiquette for Students

Email Etiquette for Students

Nowadays, email has become inevitable part of every business or college setting. While back in time you could communicate with your professor face to face only, today you can compose an email and address your concerns or submit assignments (in case your professor allows submitting assignments via email). Naturally, to avoid awkward situations or misunderstandings and other unwanted problems, you have to follow email etiquette. To make it easier for you to email your professors or other college personnel appropriately, this article contains email etiquette tips that all students should follow.
Campus Resources: Make Your Writing Memorable

Campus Resources: Make Your Writing Memorable

Learning how to write an essay isn't a singular experience. You need to be willing to learn from the people around you , in order to better yourself and your work. When you live on a college campus, opportunities to improve are everywhere you look.
The ways of cheating in college: Catch Me If You Can

The ways of cheating in college: Catch Me If You Can

Almost every student has some difficulties with college essays and passing the college exams, that's why essay writing service is so popular nowadays. It is impossible to know everything. And the more we learn, the more we understand that fact. Doubtless there isn’t anyone who has never cheated in college. And now, the examination period crept invisibly, there is neither the time nor the desire to study the whole material which students have been searching for months. And here it is! The perfect opportunity, unexpected chance to cheat the exams.
How high is your level of education?

How high is your level of education?

Have You ever wondered if years You spent in school, college, and the university had any effect on your brain’s database? Is your education level really as high as your diploma says? Not sure? We all are.


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