How is the competition organized?

It is organized in the form of streaks. Streak is a number of orders completed in a row without cancelation. For example, you completed 12 orders in a row, but your 12th order was canceled. That means that your streak is 11. Then, after that cancelation, you completed 20 more orders and your 20th order was canceled. Your new streak is 19. We will count all of your streaks during the competition month and choose the best one (with the highest number of orders between cancelations).

How can I win?

Your task is to complete as many orders as possible. They should be of high quality so that the customers won’t cancel them. That will increase your chances to have the best streak. What is more, you will see a leaderboard in your account. It will be updated every week on Monday. There you’ll see your current position as well as 3 top streaks of the week. That will help you understand if you need to try harder.

How are the winners defined?

At the end of the month, we will choose 3 writers with the best streaks and pay them a bonus.

Good luck! May the best win!