Are you a blogger, journalist or an aspiring writer? Or probably a Coach or a Mentor who wants to expand the online presence? Are you looking for place where you could network with other educational experts and get the visibility of your posts really fast? You come to the right place.

Edusson accepts op-eds, opinions or guest posts from our readers.
We prefer the following types of submissions:

  • Your own essays on different subjects
  • Articles on Writing Skills Development
  • Opinions on our posts
  • Technology hacks as related to Writing
  • Teaching techniques, etc

These are our preferred subjects but you can write and submit on any topic related to Writing and a broader topic of Education.

Our Expert Panel will review them, and display the best ones weekly as a Featured Article on our Oh, write my essay for me please! (Op-ed Contributors) Columns Section.

All articles are evaluated from a single perspective. Will our readers find them informative and useful enough to share with friends / colleagues?

① How to get published?

To get published on Edusson you need to write an email to Katherine (assistant to the Expert Panel) at [email protected] Subject ‘Guest post for Edusson’ and enclose your article and images (if any).

Also, please enclose your short bio (up to 100 words) as well as headshot. All articles have to comply to our editorial policy below.

② How do we select the articles for publishing on ‘Oh, write my essay for me please!’ column?

We are looking for personal opinions and the ability to bring value to students and their parents (our readers). We prefer plain and engaging language. It’s a good practice to include outbound links to the worthy pages with your articles. Also, we especially welcome students and freelance writers.

③ Your essay or posts are published to a large audience

In addition to our website your articles are cited through the extensive star blogger network. If you writing style is engaging, you will be able to utilize the power of other experts on our panel and gain an instant exposure.

④ You build your brand

If you have a blog or a website you can expect to increase your visibility and brand by posting articles with us. Most of our contributors become a permanent members of our expert network and eventually get contracts for writing from us or our partners.

Rules and editorial policy

  • All posts should be on topics listed above.
  • We expect that articles are at least 750 words in length. There is no upper limit.
  • Articles sent to us should be original and previously unpublished.
  • Writers may include up to 2 images for each Article. These images should be attached to the Email sent to us.
  • Images submitted (if any) should be original/non-copyrighted and should not violate copyright regulations.
  • The Editor reserves the right to change, modify and edit the content; and summarily reject Articles.
  • By sending your Article to Edusson, you transfer perpetual and non-exclusive rights to Edusson to Publish, Reproduce and Distribute the Article on the website and its partner sites.
  • Edusson reserves the right to decline the articles that do not adhere to the rules or even at its own discretion