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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Title Ideas & How to Pick Them

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Compare and contrast essay is about exploring similarities and differences between two subjects, ideas, events, you name it. Just like with all other forms of essay writing, every claim you make has to be supported with facts i.e. evidence. Personally, I like this type of essay; it’s perfect for curious people who have the urge to find out as much as possible about anything. It is in human nature to compare stuff and this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, learn more, and get a good grade. Your professor (or client maybe) usually gives a topic you should discuss, but don’t be surprised if you have to write an essay and choose a title yourself.

The idea of writing a paper on any topic you want makes you happy instantly. Then, you can’t find an ideal topic. Don’t despair! In fact, most people feel the same because you face a well-known problem that comes in the form of a voice in your head making you believe you opted for a bad topic while leaving behind something really good. Don’t let this tiny voice discourage you! Finding an ideal compare and contrast essay topic isn’t a rocket science, but it does require some planning. If you need essay writing help, you are in the right place now!

Essay Ideas

How to choose a compare and contrast essay topic?

To write a high-quality paper, you have to know how to choose your topic properly and use it to create a practical outline. If you don’t know how to create an outline for the essay, regardless of the topic you choose, I suggest you click here. To choose the subject of the essay, you should take into consideration the following factors:

  • Subjects, events, historical personalities you find interesting
  • Topics that are exciting to write about
  • Your knowledge of a certain subject
  • Ability to find a substantial amount of information online
  • Topics that inspire you

It’s always recommended to opt for topics about events, public personalities, etc. that you find interesting, exciting, and inspirational. Once you start considering these factors, you’ll have a bunch of ideas popping up in your mind. Write them down and start researching to get informed and evaluate whether you can find enough evidence for some particular subject. It is needless to mention that your topics should be precise and on point.

If you need more inspiration to find a topic for compare and contrast essay, you can always turn to:

  • Newspapers – this is an endless source of topics about current affairs, but you can also use them to support your claims with expert opinions. There’s always some column, interview, or analysis written by a reputable figure from the world of politics, economy, and so on
  • News channels – besides the latest news, you can find a lot about contemporary issues. Also, just by sitting in front of your TV for 30 minutes you can get an idea about topic to discuss
  • Magazines and journals – they are perfect for people who don’t want to write an essay about politics, but some other field. You can check entertainment, technology, sports
  • Internet – it provides a plethora of possibilities and you just have to use them. Browse your interests and you’ll get inspired

Besides these, debate championships and seminars are also excellent places to get inspired and come up with a compare and contrast essay topic.

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Topics to consider

Tablets vs. textbooks in schools

Both tablets and textbooks have numerous advantages and some disadvantages at the same time. Throughout this essay, you can compare their benefits or contrast textbooks and tablets and point out what is a better option for kids in school.

iPhone vs. Android phones: who wins?

It’s a never-ending battle between iPhone and Android phones. If you’re into technology, then you can write a paper where you’ll compare similarities or name differences between the two types of smartphones. Which one do you prefer? Let your reader know.

American concept of beauty and Korean concept of beauty: similarities and differences

This is an interesting essay topic. You can compare how both Americans and Koreas appreciate thinness. When discussing differences you can mention how Americans usually focus on beauty standards like blonde hair and blue eyes as well as big breasts and butt, while Koreans focus on pale skin, and ideal face and eye shape.

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Similarities and differences between Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Julius Caesar

Both plays revolve around regicide or the murder of a King and they involve power plays, manipulations, and scandals. Besides these similarities to compare, you can also focus on some differences such as the fact that Julius Caesar relies on realism while Macbeth relies on prophecies and their fulfillment.

1984 and Hunger Games: how do they compare or differ?

Both novels show a dystopian future wherein society is oppressed by all-knowing authority. On the other hand, 1984 tells the story of a totalitarian state in Europe and the main character is an adult man. In Hunger Games, the plot develops in US-inspired setting, but the main protagonist is a young woman. Since Hunger Games is popular nowadays, this is a wonderful topic for your compare and contrast essay.

Fahrenheit 451 vs. Red Scarf Girl

Both stories revolve around cultural oppression and a human experience of defying unjust government regulations. The difference between them is that Fahrenheit 451 tells the story of a man named Guy Montag who defies authority and reads books he’s supposed to burn while Red Scarf Girl revolves around Ji Ji, a young girl, and her experience of resisting China’s cultural system.

The differences between private and public universities

Private universities are usually more expensive than public institutions, but they offer better financial aid options. Also, students from private universities have better chances of career success. Public universities are more affordable and allow students from lower income households to get college education too. Discuss.

Similarities and differences between Julius Caesar and Edward Snowden

Both men played a pivotal role in the inevitable demise of powerful institutions in which they functioned; Snowden in 21st century US, while Caesar in the Roman Republic. However, Edward Snowden fought for the right of people and put his life on the line to inform the general public of the NSA’s and government’s wrongdoings, while Caesar was working against the people.

As you can see, you can compare two people, ideas, movements etc. throughout the essay or you can discuss their differences. Also, you can do both compare and contrast. The choice depends on you, the topic you choose, word count, and other parameters.


More Compare and Contrast Essay Topic ideas for you

  • Renaissance Art vs. Baroque Art
  • Antebellum Era vs. Reconstruction Era in American History
  • Similarities and differences between Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Cats vs. dogs: which ones make better pets
  • New England Colonies vs. Middle Colonies OR vs. Southern Colonies
  • Communism vs. Capitalism
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism
  • Greek vs. Roman Mythology
  • 1984 vs. Fahrenheit 451
  • Roman Empire vs. British Empire
  • Real Madrid vs. Barcelona – which club is more influential?
  • Differences between Mediterranean diets and Western diet
  • Poetry vs. Prose
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction
  • City life compared to country lifestyles
  • Books vs. movies – why a film adaptation will never match books
  • How rap music has changed compared to the way it was two decades ago
  • Tea vs. coffee – what’s better for your health?
  • The similarities between religious practices and cultural ones that shows that they both stem from the same source
  • A non-gluten diet compared to a gluten filled diet
  • Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton – who’s a better politician?
  • The Vietnam War compared to the Korean Conflict
  • Compare Hobbes’ philosophies to Locke’s philosophies
  • Compare and contrast emailing someone to writing them a letter

Bottom line

Compare and contrast essay allows you to discuss similarities and differences between two people, ideas, opinions, movies, you name it. Although in most cases you get a topic to discuss, there will also come the time when you’ll have to create one yourself. When that happens, ideas you’ve seen throughout this article can be of huge help. You can use the suggested topics as inspiration for your own, or you can simply choose to write about one you like the most. Finding the ideal topic isn’t the hardest job in the world, all you have to do is to take a few factors into consideration. You can also choose one topic right now and start practicing. Best of luck! 

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