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access_timeMarch 29, 2018

editing options

Anyone who has experienced the tumultuous ride involving the joys and pain of writing an essay truly understands the final satisfaction of completing it. Once you’ve completed the job of putting down your thoughts on paper, reaching an interesting and compelling thesis, analyzing your points better with evidence, getting your ideas organized and coming up with counter-points; you might have a feeling that there’s nothing left to do besides running a spell check. Right after that, you can get it printed and await the feedback from your professor.

But what your regular spell check does not really promise is what the actual readers might think when they have look at your essay. At times, they might be baffled by the amount of information, annoyed with the complex thesis, bored with the obfuscating language or even distracted due to any other reason whatsoever. Anticipating these varying responses is the ideal job of a good editor and so, it is completely your responsibility to get your own work edited thoroughly. In the following section, we have come up with a couple of essay editing options that’ll truly transform your writing.

Paper Rater

This is one of the best essay editing apps that makes sure that your language, grammar and spelling is just on point. There is a feature called grammar check that will identify all those pesky mistakes that you’ve overlooked. The writing suggestion tweak, on the other hand, will edit your content and give you blurbs to improve the quality of your writing. Another incredibly useful feature of this tool is the plagiarism checker that will identify copied content before your professor does. The app is easy to use and it quickly gets your essays checked and edited.

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If you’re looking to make your essay concise, compelling ad informative at the same time – The Hemmingway tool is exactly what you need. This app will highlight the complex and obfuscating sentences making it easier for you to get those sections edited. It will help you get rid of the adverbs and replace them with strong and solid verbs. Likewise, it will also help you to come up with shorter and tad more compelling sentences. So if you’re looking for the most perfectly edited essay, nothing can work better than this tool.


As the name suggests, this program is designed to make your essay look and feel like a professional one. It’ll thoroughly check the essay for spelling, grammar and syntax errors thereby making it a point to ensure that your content is crisp and error free. Unlike many other tools, it will not merely have a light brush up on your grammar. Instead, it will check your content thoroughly and make sure that your writing visibly transforms in leaps and bounds. This is indeed one of the best editing programs ever as it also comes in an affordable range.

Do a final check

Besides trying out these awesome apps, there’s another that you should always do. After completing your essays, read it aloud. This will help you to identify anything which is slightly off in the paper. While we write, we often forget about the bigger picture. But when we read the content aloud, we get to exactly understand what works for the paper. Make sure that there is no stuffed words in the paper as it would mar the charm of your entire essay.

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So follow these guidelines and take the help of above-mentioned essay editing options, you will soon come up with an essay that’ll truly charm your professor.

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