Simple Organizational Skills Will Set You Apart From the Rest of Your Peers

access_timeMarch 30, 2018

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Receiving classes of any kind, gives you the inside information you need further in life concerning the topic of matter. Now, the problem is that we all go to classes and we forget half of the lesson.

  • Have you wondered why does it happen?

Well, one of the main reasons is because you are probably the kind of student (like the majority) that feels that taking notes is just a waste of time. Or you will feel that listening to the lecture is another waste of time. It’s true that we all have different ways of learning and one thing won’t apply to you as it would apply to another person, but the true is that you should have it all organized somehow.

If you have notes, the easy thing is to keep track on them by date and class. If you have lectures (where you should be also taking notes- in my opinion) then you can ask ‘authorization’ to record them, in case they give you a positive answer, then you just have to put them again either by date or topics. If you don’t have a positive answer and recording isn’t allowed then again notes will do. Some people make drawings and little comics while in lecture, with bullet points (fancy uh!).

And then, missing courses or lessons is another issue. You either ‘didn’t know’ or you completely forgot (this is usually the main of reasons). Don’t you suppose to have a schedule for this? Then, you shouldn’t be missing any of this. Sometimes you will feel the burden of going to receive lessons that sometimes get you bored and exhausted but think again, because when you are learning, the interest should always be there. Sometimes you have the bad luck of having a no-such-a-good-teacher: well in this case you should be looking for your own information around (and keep it organized).

Some people need to see everything on paper, so you might need to print it (try staying the most ecological possible). As I mentioned once; recording yourself isn’t a bad idea. You can read to the recorder and listening at it while driving, sleeping or taking a bath. In the other hand, a small calendar will do.

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Once a week, you can plan the ‘learning processes. For example, you can schedule to memorize ten verbs and their tenses per week (I’m being gentle here-you should do more than that). By the end of the month, you’ll know forty new verbs in the language! Isn’t that awesome? So you can plan ahead the expected results. See, discipline takes closer to the goal than just wishing to be better.

Another thing is that the teacher or instructor will be giving you the lessons every time, therefore prepare a folder and place at your home where you will permanently have it all compiled, so you review it later on time. Remember that learning a language is like getting into a new life, and as a new life it takes time to process. Sometimes all the information you are getting might be overwhelming but when having it all organized will give you the strength to go back to the lessons after your brains process it all and then you will understand new things and will see the new skills working for you.

Color coding is very helpful. For example, marking your vocabulary sheets with a yellow line in the corner of your notes, green for the use of verbs, blue for listening and pink (or red) for speaking. If you have it color coded, then it will be easy to prepare for an exams in the future, since you will know where to look when feeling a specific weakness.

Remember that the school doesn’t make the student; rater the student makes the school. Check list will do you good as well!

And how do I know this? Because I love learning!

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