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A Student's Guide to Traveling Without Spending Money

If you belong to the group of students who want to go abroad, but don’t have enough money to achieve that, there’s an easy solution. Write my essay or more, precisely, my personal statement for a scholarship. You can enroll into various programs, scholarships, internships, and trainings that allow you to travel without actually spending money. This way, you get to meet locals, make a significant academic progress, and travel without spending your money. Isn’t that amazing?!

It’s needless to mention that participating in various student programs abroad will look amazing on your CV and let’s not forget networking. Just imagine how many connections you can make when doing what you love and traveling at the same time.


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Book Contributors

Hi, I am Amra. I do English Language and Literature Lab here at Edusson. I host 6 lab session a month, each of them is dedicated to a specific problem student encounter on their courses. I analyze different examples of English Language essays and give best practices on essay writing. Want to send me a pitch or suggest the problem to discuss? Drop me an email [email protected] or follow me at Medium.


gemma cleaver

Hi, I’m Gemma Cleaver! I'm a travel blogger at Gemma Jane Adventures. My time traveling has been the most intense time of my life. I could never have predicted all the adventures I’d have and the stories I can tell. But one thing’s for sure, whatever happens travel is in my blood, I’ll always find ways to keep exploring!



Hey! My name is Shereen Rayle. My goal is to show that you can travel and you can go further and do more, while spending less, than you probably thought possible.There never seem to be enough hours in the day for everything I want to do, but I find that is true no matter what you have going on and where you are.


Hi, I’m Amanda Kendle. I’m "Not a ballerina" but a traveller and a thinker, and I love to write about my travel experiences in a way that is both fun and meaningful.


Table of Contents


World’s (Scholarship) Study Programs


How to Apply?

Deadlines + requirements


Personal statement/motivation letter




How to apply?

Deadlines + requirements


Personal statement (essay)/Motivation letter




How to apply

Deadlines + requirements


Personal statement/Motivation letter




How to apply

Deadlines + requirements


Personal statement (essay)/Motivation letter

Useful Resources

Tips for exploring the world on a low budget

Germany (by A.Kendle)

New Zeland (by G. Cleaver)

USA (by S. Rayle)



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