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Some academic texts are a treat to read with their structured sentences, inventive word choices, fitting research and flow. These exemplary essays outline their ideas in a linear fashion, with proper attribution of facts, opinions, and arguments.

Many writers specialize in professional essay editing and have raised this simple act to an art form. Which is why these same people would like to offer their editing and proofreading services to you!

Why is it a good idea to proofread?

Detecting personal mistakes is always harder than it seems, and it's vital for your arguments to remain as readable as possible. You may have a perfect grasp on your essay, but would your audience say the same?

Edusson's Professional Essay Editing

Our proofreading service highlights all common errors - spelling and punctuation, as well as puts your arguments and evaluations to the test. Closer inspection usually reveals underlying problems. It's understandable, since academic papers must adhere to strict rules, and creativeness usually gets hindered by constraints.

By using our proofreading service you'll discover how easy it really is to submit a brilliant paper. Think of proofreading as a way of breaking free. Use essay editing to remove shackles from your own words!

Our essay editing service presents an opportunity to detect mistakes and elevate your writing even higher. Essays aren't the only thing we can work on, admissions essay editing is one of our services as well! All the weak links will be taken care of, any "improve my essay" requests will be handled and highlights of your work will be put in the spotlight.

Turning a regular academic paper into a sophisticated one demands time and, above all, effort. Quality editing and proofreading depends a lot on your editor's level. Thankfully, our editing service is here to help! Our professional editors will inspire greatness in your writing. Have your paper analyzed today!

Tips for formal writing

Tips for formal writing

Writing assumes many categories. Formal writing is one category. It entails: academic writing, formal letters and business writing. It is governed by certain rules and regulations that should be adhered to. Below are tips for formal writing.
Use these revision strategies and reach success in writing

Use these revision strategies and reach success in writing

Revision in writing goes beyond making a few adjustments. It is a broad process that requires careful thinking. At times, revision may necessitate replacing words with others to convey the right meaning or deleting and adding bits of information. Revision can also involve re-writing large sections to develop and improve the quality of a paper. In this article, we will explore revision strategies to achieve success in writing.
5 qualities of good writing

5 qualities of good writing

A good story is not based on its sections- an introduction, body and conclusion. It is the tactics used to write each section that amplify the worth of a story. Every writer wants to craft a juicy story. One that conveys gist and evokes strong reactions from readers. What ingredients make a good story? In response to this, let us focus on 5 secrets to write a good story.
7 simple edits that`ll Improve your piece of writing

7 simple edits that`ll Improve your piece of writing

Today, there are many more opportunities for writing than there has ever been before. The penetration of internet use to the masses all over the world has allowed armature writers the opportunity to explore their interest in writing as bloggers, and this requires editing. Similarly, scholars and students must learn editing skills because they have to produce excellent papers.
What is essay editing

What is essay editing

Essay editing is the process of rectifying mistakes in an essay. Before the essay is submitted, it should be revised thoroughly to check for any grammatical errors or vague phrases. Vague phrases are sentences that cannot be understood easily and require a lot scrutinizing before the meaning can be established. After writing an essay, the headache is trying to conclude it, arriving at an arguable thesis or organizing the ideas. Students find this process challenging and confusing and end up making petty mistakes that cost them a lot of marks. Here are a few guidelines that may help in the essay editing process;
Willing to pay someone to edit your paper?

Willing to pay someone to edit your paper?

With their papers completed, many authors get overwhelmed with the many options available for perfecting their work. At this point, it is foolhardy for a scholar or researcher to overlook the importance of good editing. After eons of researching and writing a paper, you do not want readers and reviewers of your work to be preoccupied with inconsistencies and errors in your paper.
Essay editing options

Essay editing options

Anyone who has experienced the tumultuous ride involving the joys and pain of writing an essay truly understands the final satisfaction of completing it. Once you’ve completed the job of putting down your thoughts on paper, reaching an interesting and compelling thesis, analyzing your points better with evidence, getting your ideas organized and coming up with counter-points; you might have a feeling that there’s nothing left to do besides running a spell check. Right after that, you can get it printed and await the feedback from your professor.
5 Tools for editing essays online free

5 Tools for editing essays online free

You’ve written an essay and you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting it. But now you feel like there’s still something missing. Maybe you’re concerned that there are mistakes you missed, or maybe you’re worried that other people won’t appreciate your writing as much as you do. Luckily, there are tools available that can help improve your essay so you can edit it to your heart’s content. And a lot of them are free! Here are four great free tools for editing essays that you can find online.
How to edit an essay

How to edit an essay

Essay writing no doubt requires a lot of work and research. A good essay is something you will have to sweat to achieve. The structure must follow the required guidelines i.e. the format, grammar and punctuation marks. For you to score high marks on your essay, these steps must be followed carefully to ensure you come up with an essay that will put you at the top. 
College essay editing help

College essay editing help

Your college essay is finally finished. You have poured all your efforts into it ... however, it's too long by 75 words and might use some polishing just before it gets published. It is time to transform from being a writer to being an editor and to drop the psychological bond to your words. Keep in mind that ABC means Always Be Concise. Think of the word restriction to be similar to a speed limitation - it's not necessary to reach or maybe exceed it and it is certainly not a race to determine how many words you may use.


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