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Research Guide

Research paper writing is part of every academic student’s education. You start with simple research at high school and do more in-depth studies during university years. Students are intimidated by the term “research paper” because it gives the impression of pages and pages of scientific analysis presented in complicated language and they need essay helper. But that’s not the only form papers can take. Indeed, they are not only confined to the sciences. You investigate and offer findings on countless topics across all areas of education.


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An Introduction

The 5 Steps to Writing a Research Paper

Types of Research Papers

Necessary Time Management Skills

Section 1: Topic selection

How to Choose a Topic

Focus the Topic

Finalize the Topic

Section 2: Conducting research

Select Appropriate Sources

How to Access Data

Section 3: Writing an Outline

How to Construct an Outline


Outline Content

Section 4: A General or a Scientific Research Paper?

A General Research Paper

A Scientific Research Paper

Section 5: Revise and Edit the Final Draft


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