5 Secrets to Write a Good Story

access_timeMarch 28, 2018

A good story is not based on its sections- an introduction, body and conclusion. It is the tactics used to write each section that amplify the worth of a story.

Every writer wants to craft a juicy story. One that conveys gist and evokes strong reactions from readers. What ingredients make a good story? In response to this, let us focus on 5 secrets to write a good story.

1. Formulate an appealing title

A title may be regarded as an insignificant part of a story. But it is as important as the story itself. The title is the bedrock on which a story derives value and meaning. The title needs to complement the main message of the story. Readers will first accord priority to the title before reading a story. Ensuring the title is delicious’ will compel readers to pay attention to it. A writer creates a good title in the following ways:

  • Analyzing the setting of the storyDoes the story largely focus on a certain state like California? If this is the case, the titled should incorporate California. For example: The booming night life in California.
  • Analyzing the themeDoes the theme border on democracy in a certain country? The theme should be communicated in the title. For example: Democracy is turning out to be the preserve of the few chosen in Syria.

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2. Write the theme strategically

Most writers make blunders when writing the theme. The readers need to have an idea what the story is all about gradually. Not all at once. A writer should not directly communicate the theme. It should unfold as the target audience continue reading the story. The introduction should not reveal too much about the theme of the story. Hinting about it is okay. This is to ensure the audience maintain maximum attention throughout the story.

3. Employ suspense and drama simultaneously

No writer wants to publish a boring story. To get rid of boredom in a story, suspense and drama are crucial tools to use. Pose a dramatic question such as: will the beautiful woman find love before her biological clock begins ticking? This question ignites suspense in readers. The yearning to find out what follows next ensures they read the whole story.

4. Idiosyncrasy works wonders

Writing a story is not a time to portray a perfect scenario from the beginning to the end. A controlled level of weirdness is favorable. A character who is given a weird personality such as overly obsessed about something makes a story lively. Consider this scenario- an accomplished male surgeon has everything he desires in life. He is handsome, witty and wealthy. But he lacks one thing. Love. He has tried finding love for almost a decade but love seems to fear him. The women he gets involved with always break his heart. He is troubled and starts to act irrationally. He decides to quit his career to concentrate on his love life. Sounds pretty absurd. Right? Definitely, such a scenario will make a story inviting to readers.

5. Ensure the story is short

A short story is sweet and irresistible to readers. A writer should ensure the story is relatively short. This should be done to avoid inclusion of unnecessary details that dilute the intended meaning. As a way of concluding, writers must continually aspire to refine the stories they write. Embracing different perspectives during each writing process is of essence. It facilitates narration of a story in an approach that cultivates satisfaction among readers.

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