How to Write a Synthesis Essay

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Education is never about reproducing ideas. You need to use the ideas you encounter and strive to innovate and perhaps develop on current ideas or come up with new ones. That is exactly why most of us use phones that are smarter and will make computers our parents operated look like a child’s plaything. This is the same mindset you should adopt when asked to write a synthesis essay.

You might have encountered persuasive and argumentative essays. A synthesis essay is a cross breed between the two. You have to be convincing and use relevant arguments to come up with a winning synthesis paper.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

The most important factor anyone should consider when writing any essay type is the structure. It gives you a plan to work with where all points are arranged systematically. How can you write a paper that will get you a straight A?


Normally, your tutor will always give you a topic and ask you to support a given stand. Some topics are flexible and you can take either side. However, you can be given a topic and asked to take a given position and support the position. It is always important to make sure you read the topic several times and ensure that you understand the question.

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A synthesis essay asks you to take a stand and support your position using facts from credible sources. If you are using the Internet to do your research know that Wikipedia and blogs do not serve as credible sources. This is because much of the data contained in such sites may be unverified and based on opinions rather than facts. Scientific and educational online libraries can be a good place to start.
Since you will be arguing a topic where opinions are divided, it is always best to know what your opponents might be having in their arsenal. This means that you will search for opposing views and data and facts used to support the views. You will be in a better position to defend yourself if you know what weapons the enemy might throw your way.

Thesis Statement

This is essentially a statement that comes at the end of your introduction. It summarizes to the reader what position you are taking and the major points you will be using to support your stand. The statement is also helpful in reminding you of the major points you will be arguing.


If you want to write a winning essay, then you should write a catchy title. In some instances, the essay could be your ticket to a college degree or scholarship. Therefore, you should give the reader a reason to continue reading by writing a unique and catchy introduction. You can start by asking the reader a controversial question that provokes them to think. End your introduction with a thesis statement that defines your position.


From your research select 3 or more of your strongest points. Each point should be followed by a counterattack to a related question that an opponent might ask. Chances are that the reader knows the viewpoints from both sides and they are looking for an alternative point of view. Use an easy to understand language with shorter sentences per paragraph. Avoid jargons unless they will improve the readability of your synthesis essay. In case, you use jargons give an explanation of what they mean.
You should also ensure that you support your point with facts from research. Most teachers or faculties will insist that you follow a specific citation style. Ensure that you use only a specific citation style for a given paper. To avoid accidental plagiarism, ensure that you paraphrase. The best way to do this is to read a point and write the same facts in your own words. Data from research is the best because it gives your arguments weight.
Make sure your points are arranged systematically. It is always advisable, to begin with, the strongest points and end with the less strong ones. Make sure you use evidences to support your arguments. Otherwise, they might be taken for opinions.

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Most students make the mistake of introducing new ideas in the conclusion. The conclusion basically gives the reader a summary of the points you have covered in the body of your synthesis essay. The importance of conclusion is it gives a closure to the essay so that it does not look hanging. The conclusion should also not have references. In essence, you use it to give your reader a critical analysis of why you support a given position.

After writing an essay put it away and rest so that you can have time to read it again later. The importance of re-reading the paper is to allow you to remove grammatical errors and typos. Furthermore, you can add point that you might have forgotten or remove the irrelevant ones. If you are able to follow these guidelines religiously, then you will always end up with a winning essay.

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