Best 25 Travel Blogs for Students 2016

access_timeMarch 30, 2018

We always wanted to make a rank-up of travel blogs geared to students. Sadly, we could not find blogs specific enough to fulfil this criterion.

So we decided to use our text mining software to filter out the ones that write about all things relevant to students. You may ask what could those be? Travel on a budget, learning while travelling, etc. How did we made this list? We checked tons of travel blogs and did text mining of their content: text terms, collocates, text themes, relevance to topics.

Best Student Travel Bloggers: Autumn 2016

by Edusson


Melissa Douglas
Melissa has a great blogs on all topics relevant to students.
Featured destinations: USA, Korea, Italy, etc.
Tone: I am a teacher, but also a bit of a student
Why to read: she is charming and witty.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): see above.





Koel Basu

Featured destinations: USA, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Morocco, etc.
Tone: I know exactly what are 10 things to do in like … everywhere
Why to read: specific itineraries, comparisons, packing and travel tips.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): great selection of articles on Japanese food.


Brittany Thiessen

Featured destinations: Canada, Mexico, etc.
Tone: I do reviews, essays and travel guides, seriously.
Why to read: lots of insider guidelines and most detailed reviews.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): pictures of Canada places plus very thoughtful reviews.


Elly Rinaldis

Featured destinations: Australia, Greece, England, Ireland, etc.
Tone: I am struggling between the constant need for money to travel and the battle between wanting to spend money on coffee dates.
Why to read: she knows how to write.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): if you are a FOMO girl / boy too.

# 5

Sarah Kim

Featured destinations: USA, France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, etc.
Tone: I love Julia Child.
Why to read: Charming foodventures, a true epitome of this style.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too):  ‘a go-to’ website if you write something like ‘10 places to eat in Savannah, GA

# 6

Chase Robbins

Featured destinations: USA, Canada, Peru, France, Spain, Sweden, etc.
Tone: You life is in your hands.
Why to read: noted for ‘world-schooling attitude’ as well as travel inspiration and psychology.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): travel bucket lists (yes, they are still there).

# 7

Emma Mercury

Featured destinations: USA, Australia.
Tone: I will clean your messy head while cleaning mine.
Why to read: the artistic touch, poetry and inspiration.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): because you need a mood board

# 8

Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe

Featured destinations: seemingly, all over the world.
Tone: we have been everywhere and built the ultimate list of it.
Why to read: the ultimate lists of best budget hotels as well as DIY travel guides.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): because your student readers must know the volunteering opportunities around the world.

# 9

Hollie Lowes

Featured destinations: UK, US, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, etc.
Tone: Your go to for everything travel.
Why to read: if you admire packing and budget lists.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): if you write about London and want to reference a gal’s packing list.


# 10


Featured destinations: New Zealand and Spain (very detailed) plus many more.
Tone: Alpacas? I mean, my god, just look at their faces! How can you not love them?
Why to read: if you love travel essays and really good travel photography.
Why to mention (if you are a blogger too): if (and you should be) writing about best hates travel bloggers have — this girl has got one of the best ever

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