Effective Ways to Improve Creativity

access_timeMarch 28, 2018


Although creativity is innate, it is more of a balance between nurture and nature. In essence, creativity can be enhanced through external forces. Additionally, it is not particularly dependent on natural ability or good genes as some people would lead you to believe. The good news is that there are various environmental and mental approaches that can be used to enhance your creative capacity. The following research based techniques will help you to generate more ideas or increase original or flexible thinking.

Widen Your Sphere of Knowledge

Every individual is exposed to a certain range of events of information in the course of their lifetime which informs their creative abilities. According to research, finding effective and creative solutions to challenging issues is more likely to expand your breadth of attention, as compared to when you narrow it. With a wider sphere of information, you are able to associate or tap into more of your creative abilities. When you focus on several elements simultaneously, your mind will combine this information into original and unique ideas.

Seek for Ambient Noise

If you find you yourself more creative when working from a coffee shop, there is enough evidence to back your claim. Psychologists believe that when you are working in an environment where there is a moderate ambient noise, you can improve your creativity as compared to working in a quiet or very noisy place. The theory behind this principle is that a certain level of noise is distracting. This makes it more difficult to process information. When processing of information is made more difficult, the brain induces an increased level of abstract thinking. This enhances creativity. Additionally, a low level of ambient noise does not create any disruption to your thinking process, and therefore does not induce a higher level of thinking.

Leave Your Chair and Move Around

Multiple experiments indicate that some level of body movement, away from your working chair can improve your creativity. It doesn’t have to be something rigorous. A simple activity such as energetic walking outdoors or pacing around your room can be very beneficial. Moving around activates the abstract process of thinking, thus helping to unblock fixated thinking. If you normally encounter mental block after working for a certain period, then you should implement this procedure. By the time you resume your workstation, you will notice that ideas will flow easily and smoothly.

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Stay Positive

Although negative feelings can sometimes trigger creativity, researchers have established that you are in your best level of creativity when you have positive moods. In fact, the simple act of thinking about love or just a feeling of love, can encourage creative thinking. Therefore, position yourself in a positive environment with positive friends, and you will activate your moods. The result is enhanced creativity.

Bottom Line

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not given to certain few individuals at birth. Most psychologists agree that creativity is equally distributed within the population. The truth is, most people use only a small portion of their natural creative abilities. However, if you implement the above tips, you will definitely notice a considerable improvement in your creative thinking abilities.

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