The Ways of Cheating in College: Catch Me If You Can

access_timeApril 2, 2018

Almost every student has some difficulties with college essays and passing the college exams, that’s why essay writing service is so popular nowadays. It is impossible to know everything. And the more we learn, the more we understand that fact. Doubtless there isn’t anyone who has never cheated in college. And now, the examination period crept invisibly, there is neither the time nor the desire to study the whole material which students have been searching for months. And here it is! The perfect opportunity, unexpected chance to cheat the exams.

Today, there are a great number of options and ways to cheat an exam. New technologies have made that process much easier for students than ever before. The Internet has become an irreplaceable part of our lives, digital technologies have almost captured it. But at such situation there is a rather big plus because the modern technologies can help us in carrying out controls and passing important exams when examinator keep his eyes on the students every single moment. The ability to cheat is a perfect skill, which masterly use the 98% of students.

The cheating process requires the development of specific skills, mastery of certain psychological techniques. It cannot be done without peculiar skills, attentiveness, responsiveness. In brief, the cheater should have a well-developed motor skills: quick and precise interaction of basic human sensory systems. Also, it is in some kind a teamwork, for instance, a student might call the examinator with a question, which will take teacher’s attention away from the other students. Now, they have just a moment to find needed crib, look at their gadgets or do anything else to help themselves to find the right answer.
So, let’s back to the main purpose of our research: the popular ways of students cheat in college.

how to cheat ?

1. Cheating with a crib.

A student without cribs are not a student. Every new generation of students brings its idea to the process of cribs invention. And with the Internet development even the laziest student can make cribs. A good estimate is guaranteed if the crib is prepared correctly and student use it efficiently.

What is the crib?

Crib or cheat sheet is a compressed material on any subject, which reflects the most important and relevant information for each question. The crib is a kind of a response plan, closely configured and recorded on a particular medium.

Next, we try to consider the main types of cheat sheets:

1.1. Simple crib

It is a piece of paper which consists of a small written  in theses text to response to one or more questions.

Simple crib for cheating photo

1.2. Cheat sheet bomb

It is a pre-written cheat sheet with the correct answers to the questions. It takes a lot of time to prepare such crib, but it is one of the best methods to pass the exams. Before writing “bomb” student has to go to the other group exam, listen to the questions, write down all important things and then prepare the  precisely the same correct answers.

1.3. Cheat sheet invisible bomb

The student has to write the answers to the list, each answer on a new one, but first he/she has to place under the list a blank piece of paper. Than student must  press harder on the pen. The first list of paper can be thrown out. At the exam, student pulls a ticket and took a clean-looking piece of paper, but in reality he already has a ready answer for it.

1.4. Crib-book

It is a little book made of torn pages from the main one. It is hard to prepare such crib, but then you will write text it without wasting time.

little crib book for cheating in college

1.5. Table cheat sheet

Now more and more often, it is prohibited on the exam to have something that is not associated with the procedure. If the message about future control catches student off guard, he/she can quickly write a small post on the desk with the basic information – dates, formulas and names, etc. It is also used in the case when you know the audience of an exam. It will be enough to come early to take a comfortable place and write on a table or a chair a needed cheat sheet.

1.6. Bottle crib

It is a well-known and popular trick with a bottle of water or the empty box or jar, when student write a cheat sheet on the back side of the bottle label with soda or hide a crib in the juice jar.

crib on bottle photo

1.7. Clothing cheat sheet

A student can tip, sew, wrap or paste a piece of paper with the needed text to the skirt, a sweaters’ sleeve or dress. Students also may wear hats, jackets to an exam.

Cheating with clothing

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2. Cheating with the help of modern technologies

The rapid development of technology makes it possible to cheat from our mobile phones, portable music players, tablets, e-books, the micro earpiece. Even 10 years ago, the average cheater could not even dream of such a variety of devices, but now, cheat sheet using with the help of modern devices is a widespread practice. Here are eight most recent high-tech cheating techniques, some of which were designed in a well-known China:

2.1. Electronic cribs

The most modern mobile devices can read the main text formats, so students may download the needed file with ease.

2.2. SMS/MMS

The technique is simple, popular and effective. Test questions are sent to a friend who is looking for information in the pre-abandoned books, the Internet or another device. And then send the SMS or MMS (photo) with the answer.

2.3. Mobile Internet

Students can easy use the independent search for finding different essays, controls, answers. They can open anyone essay writing services sites.

2.4. Earpiece (Headset handsfree, with Bluetooth)

Due to earpiece compact size, inserted in the ear earpiece remains virtually invisible to observe the teacher’s exam. The essence of cheating to record the answers to the questions and then listen to them, or in real-time mode or to dictate responses to the friend, who, for example, is in the neighboring audience. The headset needs to connect to the Bluetooth-module and then a mobile phone sends a signal to it.

2.5. Watch-cheatsheet

There is also a new secure cheating method – the use of the clock. It is a unique solution to pass the exam with just a little risk to be caught on the hot. No one will notice that the clock can store a text document with answers and prompts.

2.6. Camera Glasses

Such glasses we have already seen in the popular films, but also simple students may use such Chinese electronic device as a perfect cheat sheet. A remote shutter device activates a micro camera that allows photographs of test questions to be relayed to the students eyes.

crib camera photo

2.7. High-tech pen with a light

Students all over the world can order several “High-tech Cheat Pens” from China. Some high-tech pens have a small screen to display test answers. Others have used infrared light pens to display answers when exposed to paper.

2.8. Wired Clothes

There is something new – a high-tech T-shirt. It incorporated a tiny camera that plugged into a phone to transmit information.

3. Cheating signs and the secret of students body     

3.1. Examinator always is watching for signs of cheating

Students have a very good phantasy and memory. The day before the exam they may create their own language of signs. For instance, on a multiple choice test, if the answer is A, they can touch the left ear. If the answer is B, they can touch their nose, and so on.
All students know that there is no talking allowed during the exam, but they can whisper in a secret way to another student to get a needed answer.

cheating secrets

3.2. Look for writing on the student’s body

The most longstanding cheating methods are to write answers on a student’s left or right hand or arm, hide it between fingers, or another body part with the use of colour pens.
Students, especially females, and especially on hot weather may write notes on their legs. They will then wear a skirt of a particular length that covers the writing, but that can be inched upward to reveal the notes.  Often a lot of students use alcohol wipes to remove pen ink from their skin before turning in their exam the table of the examiner.

safe cheating

The examiners are students in the past and they know a lot of students’ tricks. And if they do not know something they are taught by the students themselves under their unsuccessful cheating. Teachers are also versed in all modern technological devices. And if your attempt to get the cheat sheet remained “unnoticed”, if the examiner keeps silent, in principle, it means that he agrees with the status quo. So do not fidget, fuss and look around! But it is more important to remember that the primary and irreplaceable crib, it’s your head.

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