How to Make Your Essay More Coherent?

access_timeMarch 29, 2018

How to make your essay more coherent?

Writing an essay can be stressful as there are a lot of factors to consider like essay form, essay hooks, writing hooks and essay form. Then you need to factor the abstract aspects, like writing ideas and writing inspiration. However, all of these rarely matters if your essay incoherent to begin with. You should aim first for a good coherent essay, and move from there. To help you improve the coherency of your essays, here are 5 important writing guide and tips.

Sensible Overarching Structure

    • One of the most important essay hacks, especially if you are aiming for a better coherence, is to first understand the fundamentals of a sensible overarching structure. This is a bit vague, so it’s best if we step back a bit.
    • You can think of your essay in terms of “levels”. At the very fundamental level, there are the sentences. The next level is paragraphs. The next level is the sections and subsections.
    • If you want to better your essay coherence, you would want something that connects everything from the very base level to the top level. To put this into essay writing tip in practice, start with a good essay outline. You should do this before even starting to type a single letter.
    • You can ask questions like – “What am I trying to convey?” and “In what order should I convey it?”. Answering these questions can tremendously help in developing a better coherent framework for your essay.

Introduction To Topic And The Main Point

You could talk a lot of things, but if you are unclear to the reader what you are talking about, it would cause a lot of difficulty. Here’s an example.

  • “The first thing you need is to sort the clothes. Then, you need to check the machine for potential problems. You can then start pouring water. “
  • You may get what the paragraph is talking about after some careful thinking. However, it’s a lot easier for the reader if you start with something like this:
  • “To wash your clothes the right way, here are the steps”

This is why it’s very important that you strongly introduce the topic or the main point from the very start.

The Order

  • It’s crucial that you give a lot of thought to the order of your essay. Of course, you need to start with the main topic or idea. Then, you can follow it with paragraphs that support the main topic.
  • Your goal here is to give your essay a good flow. This is a bit tricky as it’s easy to fool yourself that your writing has a good flow when you read it. Hence, request someone to read your essay and specifically asks if it has a good flow.


  • When introducing supporting paragraphs or key points, it’s best that you know how to transition properly. The transition is just a fancy word for bridging the previous paragraph or key point to the next.
  • You can use examples, addition, sequence, analysis, comparison, contract and cause-effect for your transitions. If these suggestions seem incomplete, it’s because you can write an entire book about proper transitioning. It’s best that you dig down deeper into this area if you want something that is truly a remarkable coherent essay.

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Importance Of Conclusion

  • Never be lazy about the essay conclusion. It’s the part where you remind the reader about your main point. Injecting a few of your most compelling supporting key points is standard practice. The conclusion is also the part that answers the question “what’s next?”.

These tips is a good starting point for writing an essay with better coherence. Remember, writing is partly a skill. Hence, further education and more practice can definitely go a long way. Also, the tips listed about leans towards a basic writing style. Thus, some tips may not apply depending on the intended writing style.

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