How High Is Your Level of Education?

access_timeApril 2, 2018

education level

Have You ever wondered if years You spent in school, college, and the university had any effect on your brain’s database? Is your education level really as high as your diploma says? Not sure? We all are.

If You want to check how much is left in your head after those long boring hours in classes, we recommend You to take this test and find out.

Tasks in this quiz were developed with the participation of people who have different levels of education and live in 11 different countries all around the globe.

Research provided by Edusson.com was designed to create a universal formula of measuring people’s amount of knowledge.

There are 15 questions from different fields of studying in this test. Task is pretty simple, but it has been proven that even people claiming to have high levels of education in the USA sometimes were unable to answer all of them.

So, are You ready to take this challenge? If You do, click the link below and let the quiz start. Prove to yourself and others, that when it comes to matters of intelligence, You are the boss!

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