5 Tools for Editing Essays Online Free

access_timeMarch 28, 2018


You’ve written an essay and you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting it. But now you feel like there’s still something missing. Maybe you’re concerned that there are mistakes you missed, or maybe you’re worried that other people won’t appreciate your writing as much as you do. Luckily, there are tools available that can help improve your essay so you can edit it to your heart’s content. And a lot of them are free! Here are four great free tools for editing essays that you can find online.

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1. Robot Don

Robot Don is our own tool, that’s why it comes first in the list. Ha-ha. It is a free online essay checker performing Plagiarism check, Text Relevance to the essay topic check as well as providing important Style and Readability Suggestion. In addition to that, it does basic text analytics and statistics. What students like about Robot Don is free instant plagiarism check as well as Essay Quality Score as measured against 2 algorithms (Gunning fog index, Flesch-Kincaid readability test).

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2. Paper Rater

This website offers several free features for checking essays of five pages or less. First up, there’s a grammar and spell-check service that incorporates state-of-the-art software which spots and alerts you of errors based on context and statistical models. When an error is detected, the site will offer feedback, suggestions, and instructions to help you correct the mistake.

It also offers plagiarism detection to ensure that all your references are correctly sited and that you have not accidentally copied any content from other sources. The final originality score will alert you of the overall uniqueness of your essay so you can make necessary edits.

If you want more out of your experience with Paper Rater, you can upgrade to a premium service which allows for faster processing, increased access to various features on up to twenty pages per essay.

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3. Slick Write

Specializing in lightning fast processing, this site offers full professional-level proofreading for a maximum of 200,000 characters at a time. Its services include grammar and stylistic error detection, fully customizable feedback options, and a free downloadable extension.

Its proofreading is incredible detailed and focuses on many aspects of the English language. It can keep tabs on your essay’s structure, reduce repetition by detecting word variety, and enhance the flow of your sentences with suggestions for their improvement. It is also capable of accurately detecting incorrect uses of style and terms of various kinds, and at the end of it all, it gives you helpful statistics so you can understand more about your writing.

If at any time you are confused by the explanation of a perceived error, you can head over to the “help” section of the website to read up on what each error means.

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4. Grammarly

Arguably one of the most widely used essay tools, Grammarly detects and informs you of a wide variety of complex writing errors in your essay by checking each area of your text against 250 grammar rules, all while also taking context into account. The Grammarly editor is licensed by over 600 different universities, too.

Aside from its online editor, Grammarly offers a wide variety of free add-ons and downloads, such as a browser extension, an add-in for Microsoft Office, a desktop application, a handbook, and a large online community. You can also choose to upgrade to Grammarly Premium to access more features, like genre-specific proofreading and a plagiarism detector.

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5. Hemmingway Editor

This final entry is a little bit different. The Hemmingway Editor is designed to improve your essay’s readability by making it more organized and less dense. The site describes itself as “a spellchecker, but for style”, ensuring that whoever reads your essay will understand your message loud and clear.

This site checks your writing against the Automated Readability Index, an age-old and highly reliable algorithm. It informs you of weak adverbs that should be supplemented with verbs, tells you when your word usage is too complicated and bombastic, and prevents you from using too much of a passive voice. It also allows you to switch between a “write” and an “edit” mode so that your experience is less complicated.

If you really enjoy the editor, you can purchase their desktop app, which comes with free upgrades.

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Well, there you have it – four wonderfully free essay editing tools that you can use online. Their functionalities work just as well as any paid software, and they can truly take your essay from blasé and ordinary to impressive and clean-cut. So the next time you have an essay to submit, run it by one of these free editors and watch your work become the best version of itself.

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