What Are 5 Types of Essays?

access_timeMarch 29, 2018

Practically, all types of essays that your tutor will require you to submit fall under the categories that will be listed below. Correctly categorizing a given essay makes the whole writing experience exciting and fruitful. However, if you get it all wrong you will end up losing on marks just because your paper is off topic.
For instance, if you’re told to write a persuasive essay in support for custom academic writing services, you will need to gather evidence in support for the services. Merely giving explanations on the service will not be sufficient.

Depending on the type of writing expected, you should be able to answer any question conclusively so that your instructor will have no option other than to give you an A grade.

Here is a guide towards correctly identifying an essay type.

What are Different Types of Essays and Why Use Them?

1. Persuasive Essays

Just like the name suggests, these are the kind of papers that require you to convince the reader to view things from your perspective. Such essays are based on contentious topics where opinions are divided. For instance, most topics on moral issues, political, religious and social issues will fall under this category. Persuasive essays will either ask you to take a stand or will require you to support a given stand. This is not the time to think about your personal opinion. This is because in some cases you can be required to support something that you personally object. For instance, you can be asked to write an essay on why capital punishment should be abolished. This does not necessarily mean that you do not support capital punishment. What the tutor requires is see how well you can gather evidence and express yourself effectively. Any type of essays that requires you to support a given opinion is essentially a persuasive essay.

2. Admission Essays

This is the kind of essay that you write to get admitted to a college of your choice. This one is direct and you should have no trouble categorizing it. However, most students face challenges when doing the actual write up. The first question you need to ask yourself is what information should the paper outline. For starters, the objective of the paper is to convince a college or a university that have the necessary skills and relevant academic background. You also have to explain why you have chosen the college and not similar ones offering the same course you are interested in. Most people prefer to have professional do the writing. This is because you only get one chance and you might not want to blow and mess up your academic future.

3. Research Papers

One of the hardest papers to write are research papers. In most faculties, you will need to write one in order to get your graduate, masters, or doctorate degree. This is not the kind of an essay that you will write in one sitting. You will have to invest a significant amount of your time in browsing through books in the library and conducting online research. Furthermore, you will need to consult your instructor on the type of format recommended by your faculty. It is always easy to have a writer gather for you research and do the right. You can then go through it and decide whether it is good or not. A good thing with online writing companies is that you can get your paper revised as many times as possible. You should realize that even professors employ research assistants to help them with gathering facts, typing, and proofreading.

4. Analytical Essays

Have you ever been told to read a book, poem, or even study a work of art and do a write up? Well what you will be writing is what is known as an analytical essay in academic circles. This is where you need to use your academic and intellectual skills to develop arguments, analyze some work, and give your personal opinion. You will not only need to be creative in your presentation, but also demonstrate an in depth understanding of the course.

5. Article Writing

This is the kind of writing used by professional bloggers and content writers to create articles for the web. Some articles are meant to be informative, while others accomplish the task of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Without the correct skills, you cannot create article that will generate commercially relevant traffic to a given site. The primary objective is always to attract traffic that can translate to more sales. Thousands if not millions of contents are uploaded on a daily basis. However, only a fraction has the correct impact. Having a professional knowledgeable with online marketing to do the write can be really helpful.

Essay Experts that may help

Any Content Writing

Not all essays fall under the categories outlined above or the categories provided by most sites. For instance, you might be in need of an Ebook that explains particular services or gives detailed information about something. In the current age, it is always best to have an experienced person do something for you so that you can concentrate in important matters. For instance, you will find numerous Ebooks online written by ghost writers.

When it comes to writing essays, you need the correct skills to get the work done perfectly. However, you as well as I know that you do not need to be a jack of all trades to accomplish everything. You only need to know where you can get the best services for a given task. In essence, you should not let that essay stress you or have you miss out on fun time.

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