How to Develop Argument for Essay?

access_timeMarch 29, 2018

How to develop argument for essay?


For an argument essay to be written perfectly, it should contain a number of aspects that will persuade the readers to understand the writer’s ideas. This means writers should take enough time to prepare and plan before they pop into writing the argument essay.

Generally, the essay outline and essay writing styles should be both persuasive. This article aims at providing you with tips that can help develop an argument for essay.

Find the Most Appropriate Topic

In order to find the most appropriate topic for an argument essay, it is important to consider numerous topics at first; then choose a few that spark two different conclusions or solemnly conflicting viewpoints. As you check through the list of topics make sure you find one, which truly piques your interests and those of your audience.

The main importance of choosing a topic that interests you is that it makes it easier for you to supply relevant information for the essay. Generally, you will be supposed to back up both positions with evidence and reasoning. It could be possible that you have a strong belief in a certain aspect, but when shaping up the argument essay you will be required to explain why the belief is logical and reasonable.

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Weigh The Two Sides And Take A Position

Just after you’ve chosen the topic you want to discuss, make a list of points to compare both sides and pick a side. Keep in mind that you will have to introduce both sides of the argument; then conclude by stating your viewpoint about the topic at hand.

Find Evidence

Whenever we hear of arguments, what often comes into our minds is two red-faced people making dramatic gestures and speaking quite loudly. Well, face-to-face arguments are usually emotional. Keep in mind that in essay writing you will have to verify your views with written evidence, and not drama.

Important Argument Essay Writing Tips:

  • Avoid emotional viewpoints
  • Use relevant sources
  • Cite your sources
  • Make an outline

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Once you are done with planning the essay and you believe you’ve created a solid foundation to work with, go ahead and craft the essay. Typically, an argument essay contains the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Basically, the length of each of the parts mentioned above varies according to the length of the essay assignment.

Introduce the Top

Just like it happens for other types of essays, the first paragraph of the argument essay should provide a thesis statement, some background information and a brief explanation of the entire essay. If you’re working on an argument essay, the thesis statement should actually present your viewpoint about the controversial topic.

Discus Both Sides and Provide Relevant Essay Ideas

The body of the argument essay is actually the most essential part of it all. Here, the writer should dig deep into details regarding the two controversial sides, stating the most relevant views of the counter-side of the topic. The writing style should be logical in that the writer states the point, states a viewpoint and provide evidence to show the relevance of the points.

To make the essay simple and interesting make sure that you present the points one after the other. Also use a blend of evidence types such as anecdotal stories, studies, and statistics. Also, make sure you conclude by restating your position about the topic at hand and highlight the most sensible points.

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