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Use these revision strategies and reach success in writing

Revision in writing goes beyond making a few adjustments. It is a broad process that requires careful thinking. At times, revision may necessitate replacing words with others to convey the right meaning or deleting and adding bits of information. Revision can also involve re-writing large sections to develop and improve the quality of a paper. In this article, we will explore revision strategies to achieve success in writing.

Take your time

The proverb hurry hurry has no blessings cannot be refuted. From a writing point of view, it can be used to emphasize the importance of engaging in thorough revision. Writers need to assign adequate time to revise what they have written. At no point should revision be done in haste. Besides, last minute revision is of little or no significance to a student’s dissertation. Taking time to revise enhances construction of a critical analysis with regards to the dissertation. The final outcome is acquisition of relevance and originality in the dissertation.

Read aloud

In revising an article, reading aloud supersedes reading silently. As you read loudly, you will detect insensible information, boring statements and incorrect punctuation. Motivation to read the entire article is given a boost.

Seek a second opinion

It is difficult to revise an essay totally on your own. Writers tends to be convinced that they have written correctly. This restrains the ability to point out mistakes committed. To avoid such situations, a writer should consider seeking the input of a fellow writer. The sought writer will not fear to mention mistakes such as repetition, poor sentence structure, ambiguous words and poor flow of ideas. Advice is given as well which is enlightening and rewarding to an individual. It is not compulsory to follow to the letter every form of advice given. Implement advice that strengthens the piece of writing.

Revise another person’s piece of writing

The main advantage of this revision strategy is that a writer fosters a state of constructive criticism. When a writer reads what someone else has written, impartially becomes a central point in the article. The writer has the ability to diagnose weaknesses and how to get rid of them. Thus, the writer is able to transfer this ability to his own piece of writing.

Use revision software

If a writer is not careful, a lot of time can be wasted when revising a thesis or essay. It is more discouraging when time and energy is spent without meaningful results. It is necessary to use suitable revision software as a revision strategy in writing. Spell-checkers, grammar and plagiarism checkers assist the process of revision. They quickly display the sections of writing to be revised. To successfully utilize these revision tools, they should be used in collaboration with other revision strategies. Finally, revision in writing is worth the sacrifice. It can improve your performance in an essay writing test. If you are an aspiring writer, revision sharpens your writing skills. As a result, promising opportunities come your way. Through revision, writers gains the ability to critique their opinions, discover recurrent writing weakness and change their mindset. Whenever you undertake writing, do not ignore the revision process. Using the revision strategies discussed above, ensure you revise your essay wholly: in a general and specific approach.

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