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Best & Worst plagiarism checker Tools

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined as the copying or imitation of someone else’s work, without their consent. With the rapid evolvement of technology, today Google is able to differentiate original content from already existing which is the copied content. plagiarism checker work by searching over the internet for already existing similar content. If found it terms it as plagiarized. Plagiarism can be mainly classified into two types which are:

  • Intentional plagiarism
  • Unintentional plagiarism.

Intentional plagiarism as its self-explanatory is the direct copying of content that is already existing and using it as your own.

Unintentional plagiarism is also self-explanatory. This is plagiarism done by a writer unintentionally. This occurs when a writer write not knowing that the exact same content exists. So are you looking for the best plagiarism checker tools out there that will help you detect copied content? Or do you want to know the worst of these detection tools so you can avoid them?

Here is an insight into the best of the plagiarism checker free tools.


Grammarly is one if not the top plagiarism checker tool. Apart from plagiarism checking capabilities, this tool also proofreads content and offers option to replace the content with. Grammarly is such a powerful tool that it can check content against millions of web pages within seconds and generates the required report. For writers, it can help detect grammar errors, proof read and replace any content thus saving time and improve on vocabulary. This content detection tool, also helps a lot of teachers and students when it comes to checking of copied work. Thus helps in controlling the chances of students copying other students work when it comes to assignments, essays or journals. In addition to grammar checking, plagiarism checker and vocabulary improvement, grammarly generates citation in the 3 most popular styles which are MLA, APA and Chicago. If you have no idea on how to write your citings then grammarly will do just that for you.


Another powerful tool in detecting plagiarism is copyscape. This particular detecting tool, uses google as its search provider under the agreed terms between the two companies. Copyscape also has another powerful feature known as the copysentry. This option, provides automatic protection to the entire webpages by monitoring the web for new copied content from your website and notifies you through email. How efficient is that? Copyscape has also introduced a new functionality called the site liner which is an analysis tool. This particular functionality helps in checking for duplicate content within the same web pages, articles or any bulky written content. Also for the premium users of copy scape, they can use the private index feature which allows you to check for plagiarism or duplication on offline content or that has not been indexed by search engines. This plagiarism checker tool, offers two option; the free version and the premium version. With the free version, it comes with limited functionality and process small number of contents unlike the premium that can process more than 10,000 pages of content and also comes with a lot of advanced and very helpful functionality. Copyscape is ranked among the top 3 plagiarism checker tools. is great plagiarism checker free website that provides online text analysis and improvement environment for your content. With, you are guaranteed of high text analytics, detailed and accurate plagiarism checker and offers style and readability suggestions.

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Whitesmoke is another efficient essay plagiarism checker. It scans through a large batch of files and picks out copied content that might harm your website rankings. It is a close competitor of grammarly.


Duplichecker is entirely a free plagiarism checker tool. One can simply copy and paste their content or upload the files to check against and a report is generated within seconds.


Unplag is an online based plagiarism and grammar detection tool. It is highly recommended for students, writers and editors. With unplag, you can crosscheck against different text formats hence being able to crosscheck different languages. This particular plagiarism checker tool, crosschecks your content against Google and Bing providing you with the best and most accurate report as much as possible.


This is an online based tool that requires a user to upload .doc or .pdf files. Alternatively you can copy and paste your content and scan for plagiarism. You can use this tool either as a private or corporate user. The only downside to this tool is that it’s hard to understand but it’s very good in finding plagiarism.

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The following are some of the worst plagiarism checker tools.

Small SEO tools.

Small SEO tools is a plagiarism checker tool that automatically deletes any record that’s searched made on it. The results of a plagiarism scan are complicated and hard to understand making it one of the poor performance plagiarism checker tools.


This tool is completely free and scans through a lot of documents over seconds. However it requires one to download and install the program which is a downside as one might be only needing it once. Also it’s only available for Microsoft windows users only thus leaving other OS users no option but to settle for other programs. This particular program also does not allow one to upload files only copy and paste works.

Generally all plagiarism checker tools perform what they are meant to and that is finding copied content. The performance of these tools entirely depends on the end result that the user needs. Since all these plagiarism checker tools entirely depends on detecting copied content, there are two main areas that they are particularly weak.

  • Non-verbatim plagiarism: detecting plagiarism in re written or translated content ia always hard. As most of these detectors don’t analyze the content only the words thus failing to detect plagiarism.
  • Common phrasing: many of the plagiarism checker tools always make an attempt to separate attributed use, considering the different attribute styles. Many plagiarism checkers will report matches are just coincidence. 

All plagiarism checker tools perform the common function of detecting copied content. The difference between the good and the worst of them differs in advanced functionality, accuracy and grammar and vocabulary improvement.

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