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access_timeMarch 30, 2018

Students always find themselves riddled by different assignments and homework. One way to decide how to resolve difficult school tasks is through consultation with educational blogs. Most students don’t know how to recognize the most trustworthy variants. We gathered all the famous or/and best (but not always famous) experts who deliver to the quality of education through their blogging.  Obviously, there are many more authoritative sources that are worth mentioning here. For this reason, we put together a list of some of some reputable places every learner can consider asking for help with homework questions. Send us a clue, if you know some!

Educational blogs by field of knowledge

We would like to draw your attention to the best, most updated, top education blogs available for students based on subjects.

Multiple subjects

1. Rosen classroom

Rosen provides a unique experience for students of all levels of learning by exposing them to needed knowledge related to their study level. It is a highly rated choice from various elementary education blogs online.

2. Brainly

Brainly is a high-quality learning website designed for every student to have the chance to interact and share knowledge with each other. It’s among the ‘student-friendly’ blogs in education that encourages networking.

3. Udemy

Udemy embraces all levels of learning and can be seen as one of the best online education websites for students, offering paid video tutorials packed with intellect.

4. Grovo

Grovo can be classified with special education blogs, as it also helps you develop the skill of using a variety of web applications to achieve an optimal education experience.

5. MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open courseware offers access to a number of on-demand university courses.

6. OpenCulture

This site offers different lectures in various formats, plus it compiles video lectures from other platforms.

7. Open Yale Courses

One of the best websites when it comes to easy navigation and top-choice disciplines.

8. Notre Dame Open Courseware

A highly organized domain with a wide range of free choice courses.

9. Open UW

A small initiative offered by Washington University but still relevant for all university students.

10. University of the People

A site run by a private university. Perfect for distance learners.

Math & Science

1. Isaac Newton Institute

An advanced institute known to run mathematical research programs.

2. Scitable Education by Nature Education

An interactive website offering information on genetics and biology.

3. GCF Learn Free

A perfect arena to learn basic science, reading, & math.

4. University of Reddit

Offers a range of free courses involving math and social sciences.

5. Zooniverse

A perfect opportunity for higher education students to participate in science-related, cutting edge research projects.

6. Free Computer Books

A perfect blend of advanced arithmetic and computer knowledge in one swoop.

7. Shodor

A non-profit organization focused on math, science, and research.

8. Cognitive Class

A golden opportunity to learn about data science from online courses irrespective of your level of education.

9. Better Explained

An insightful approach towards math and calculus from one of the most detailed education blogs for students.

10. Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple

A set of three lectures on Quantum Physics by renowned Hans Bethe.

Programming & Technology

1. Apple Developer Site

This is a popular, yet program-specific site that offer free tutorials on the development/design of various applications. Suitable for IT Computer students.

2. is designed to be a starting source of help for educators, parents, and all learners alike who are interested in programming but do not know where to start.

3. Learnable

Learnable offers paid subscription access to over 5,000 video lessons, and numerous e-books related to disciplines that include technology and software development.

4. Udacity

Udacity is a highly specialized platform with courses offered by the top tech companies in Silicon Valley. With a monthly subscription, participants get unlimited access to resources of all types for free.

5. CodeAcademy

The most popular free site where one can learn the art of coding.

6. GitHub

This platform is a treasure trove – over 500 books covering over 80 different programming languages.

7. aGupieWare

An independent app developer with a curriculum similar to those used in prestigious universities like MIT.

8. Web Fundamentals

A practice site for advanced coders and web designers.

9. Google Code University

The perfect learning space for those interested in computer-related careers later on in life. One of the best education blogs related to coding.

10. Data Camp

The best platform for advanced courses on Python and other coding topics.

Foreign Languages

1. Busuu

Busuu is a comprehensive platform where customers get the chance to teach each other. Basic features are free, more complex resources are accessible via paid membership.

2. Livemocha

Livemocha offers users the opportunity to learn a language by interacting with native speakers. Over 30 languages are offered on this site.

3. BBC Languages

BBC Languages is another education blog for students and others alike that offers useful phrases in other languages that can be used to establish minimal communication to start.

4. DuoLingo

DuoLingo is a user-friendly, free site that offers every student the opportunity to learn diverse languages through reminders, structured lessons, and sections containing articles written in the language you are studying.

5. Living Language

This is one of the few blogs about education i.e. sites dedicated to intense learning through interesting aspects involving games, puzzles, and e-tutoring with native speakers.

6. Skritter

An online tool that focuses on helping learners remember characters. Useful for studying Asian languages.

7. Internet Polyglot

Totally free of charge – assists users in memorizing words and phrases.

8. Ethnologue

Places a considerable focus on the understanding of a language.

9. Babbel

Uses simple steps to break down the difficult aspects of a language.

10. Word2Word

A low-cost alternative to learning in-depth details of a dialect.

History & Economics

1. UC Berkley

An education blog for students that offers video/ audio courses in different disciplines, including economics.

2. Liberty Classroom

An opportunity to get the best resources on economics & history all at once.

3. The Liberty Congress

The perfect encyclopedia for studious history lovers, complete with a large collection of maps, manuscripts, photographs, and more.

4. World History Links

Specifically designed to educate high school and undergraduate learners who intend to major in history.

5. HistoryNet

A comprehensive source of information on world history, as well as some details on the U.S.

6. The Authentic History Center

A perfect expository narrative, focusing on European history, recommended for university scholars.

7. History Learning Site

An online arena with special pointers directed mostly at British history facts.

8. ClassZone

A treasured collection of historical archives dating as far back as the Renaissance.

9. The Story of Mankind

A blog about education sites, packed with ancient facts from the beginning of mankind.

10. Timeglobe

Explore over 20,000 happenings throughout the world within specific timelines.

Reading, Writing & Grammar

1. English Central

Supports learning through conversational dialect online.

2. Stack Exchange

A question-and-answer site for all English enthusiasts.

3. My English Pages

Another brilliant site that encourages self-improvement in the English language.

4. Lang-8

Another high-quality site that facilitates interaction with native speakers, the way one would interact with an essay writing service.

5. LEO Network Learn English

Helps you understand the use of words through illustrations.

6. Listen and Write

Helps students train their listening and writing skills, just as the name implies.

7. News in Levels

Another brilliant site that hones reading and listening skills.

8. SkillShare

Another wonderful platform where you can find helpful courses that target your writing skills.

9. Questia

A wealthy information access domain, with lists of textbooks that are designed to improve your grammar skills.

10. a4esl

A web domain that helps you refresh your basic knowledge of grammar.

Art and Music

1. Songs for Teaching

This is a fun-filled site with songs on various subjects, including those that relate to fine art. A creative way to remember the basics of art.

2. Music Ace/Harmonic Vision

Music Ace lessons are described as engaging, educational, and easy to follow. These lessons focus a great deal on music fundamentals – rhythm, pitch, and tones.

3. Drawspace

Drawspace combines self-study and instructor-led study, both being paid options designed to help anyone learn drawing.

4. Justin Guitar

Over 800 free guitar lessons addressing arpeggios, scales, and a host of other guitar-related concepts.

5. ArtsEdge

A powerful database of web-links, art resources, and different art topics.

6. Google Art Project

Offers an excursion of different museums worldwide.


Encloses in itself a catalog of the best museums worldwide with their collections.

8. Keeping Scores

Contains resources that guide composers and teach about scores and symphonies.

9. Layers Magazine

A blog in education that focus on advanced aspects of art like Photoshop.

10. creativeLIVE

A collection of interesting workshop topics in different disciplines including music and photography.

Essay Experts that may help

Education blogs by level and type of learning

Elementary Education

1. The Virtual Learning Academy

Also called the VLA, this site is the perfect spot for your kids to learn with  around-the-clock access to over a hundred relevant subjects that will keep kids informed all the way.

2. Fact Monster

The perfect blend of online trivia quizzes, materials, and facts for kids of all ages, with access to homework help and encyclopedias.

3. is the ideal learning place for children up to 6th grade. It guides them through optimal ways to solve multiplication problems.

4. Funbrain

A collection of arcade games, comic books, and other delightful features, targeting basic grammar and math skills of youth.

5. E-learning for Kids

Here you will find a host of elementary subjects with a comprehensive curriculum e.g. Science, Arithmetic, and other suitable topics for 5th– 12th graders.

6. Prongo

A collection of e-cards, jokes, and other elements for fun learning.

7. Game Classroom

This site has compiled worksheets and resources from other sites.

Middle and High School

1. Hippocampus

Hippocampus is a free site that offers comprehensive content for both middle and high school students on a variety of disciplines.

2. California History-Social Science Project

The CHSSP is a statewide network of scholars who interact with a wide range of high-schoolers from economically disadvantaged areas of California, offering insights on specific disciplines.

3. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

This platform is dedicated to advancing and transforming higher education, with consistent feedback to students.

4. Alison

A free learning site designed to help students become eligible for college.

5. iBerry

A website that connects high school users to resources of interest.


One of the most acclaimed portals for learning resources across the globe.

7. BBC Podcasts

One of the all-inclusive education websites for students that also involves subjects for high schoolers.


1. offers an opportunity for all college students, especially those learning from home to enjoy the chance of earning credits and gain the needed knowledge.

2. Quest clubs

This is a popular choice among learners and parents alike. It is a higher education blog that turns the educational experience into a scouting-style, fun-filled adventure.

3. edX

The edX site is well known among university students as a website packed with lots of specialized courses for free from some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

4. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy continues to set the standards when it comes to college/university education. The platform hosts thousands of courses related to many fields on a tertiary level.

5. KnowledgeNet

The perfect resource depot for IT-related topics.

6. Study Guide Zone

Offers a collection of guides aimed at interesting subjects.


One of the best resource sites for college learning, creating the perfect atmosphere for virtual classes.


1. Time4learning

Printable worksheets, detailed reports, and a flexible curriculum are just some of the few things offered by one of the top blogs on education online. More information can be found on their site.

2. Coursera

This is one of the most popular e-learning sites, with more than half a million active users, and a constantly expanding catalog of courses.

3. Open Learning Initiative

Sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon University, the OLI is for both tertiary learners and their educators. It features scores of free accessible content.

4.  MIT Video

MIT Video offers access to over 10,000 talks and educational videos that address over a hundred university courses.

5. Ed2go

This platform was originally designed for adults, with more than 2,000 tertiary institutions partnering together to provide virtual instructor-led training.

6. The eLearning Coach

Provides tips and practical content for online learning.

7. University of Oxford Podcasts

A site containing recorded podcasts from the colleges of one of the best universities in the world.


1. CollegePrepGenius

The perfect place for students who want to have high grades on their PSAT/SAT tests.

Other testing-relevant sites include the following:

2. PrepScholar

In addition to being one of the most up-to-date educational blogs, it provides tips and guides for students preparing for SAT exams.

3. Erik the Red

A high-quality site for SAT Math test preparations.

4. IELTS Buddy

The perfect study companion to use when one needs to prepare for IELTS.

5. Exam English

The perfect site to guide you in preparing for complex English exams like TOEFL.

6. College Advice blog

The perfect blog for students getting ready for internships and other forms of assessments after high school.

7. OWL Purdue

The perfect choice of teaching special education blogs to enlighten students about the dangers of plagiarism.

Other Useful Education Blogs

Other useful platforms to check include:

1. Canvas Network

2. AdaFruit Learning System – the developer’s helping hand.

3. Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share

4. Academic Earth – for more academic tools.

5. Big Think

6. BrightStorm – for referencing.

7. CosmoLearning – provides skill-based learning.

8. Howcast – holds the ‘how’ of every discipline.

9. – a Q&A site.

10. Wikipedia – the world’s encyclopedia.

Educational sites and portals all offer a diverse view of learning resources, helping students gain the insights they need for successful studies.

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