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access_timeMarch 28, 2018

Killer Guides to Writing Essays

Let’s face it, writing essays is a really hard task, even for individuals native to the English language, as the late American English professor at Cornwell University and author of the legendary writing guide Elements of Style William Strunk Jr has noticed. It is not enough to have good essay ideas; if you aren’t able to put them into paper, then they will remain as they are – ideas. And they will remain where they are – inside your head. Writing essays require an incredible talent and discipline. One of the hardest part is writing hooks, to begin with. There are a lot of valuable materials out there that can show you effective essay hook examples, and you have to check them out, for if you fail to allure the reader in the first paragraph, there’s very little chance he’d stay until the last word. Speaking of which, you must also have a meaningful essay conclusion, since a good writer keeps something under his sleeve, and to reward the reader for sticking through. The two most common threats to a good essay are grammar and plagiarism.

Essay Editors that may help

Grammar is the set of rules governing the construction of clauses, words, and even punctuation marks in a specific language. Many flunk in this area, regardless of educational attainment, writing experience, and length of usage. The second, is plagiarism. While grammar lapses is acceptable to some degree, plagiarism is not tolerable in any way, as it is regarded as the theft of someone else’s work or idea, crediting it as your own. It can be deliberate, which gives the original author reasons to sue you. In some cases, it can be accidental. After all, with an ocean of information ready to be accessed at a clicking of plastic keys and the point of a mouse, who would know if you have accidentally expressed a similar sentiment with someone, constructed in similar wordings? So arm yourself with an arsenal of best tools to have your essay checked for grammar lapses and possibilities of plagiarism. But then again, there are so many sites offering grammar guides and plagiarism red flags out there. Are all of them equal? Certainly not so. So what are the best tools to have your essay checked?

The top 5 for Grammar:

Topping the list according to various sources is Grammarly. This is an automated proofreader that allows the user to identify his spelling errors, grammar lapses, even misplaced and inappropriate punctuation marks. It also offers possible wording revisions and citations, and many other things to consider in essay editing. This is one of the most valuable essay hacks that professional writers keep. Vying for the second to fourth spots are SpellChecker, Whitesmoke, and After the Deadline. Reviews are contrasting, but most of them include these in the top 5, so they are all legitimate, and good. Possible entries to complete the list are GInger, Paper Rater, CorrectEnglish Complete, and Online Correction. These are fairly good. So it’s definitely Grammarly that dominates in terms of polishing your essay’s grammar.

The top 5 for Plagiarism:

When it comes to plagiarism, there is a split between Grammarly, again, and PlagScan. Although Grammarly tops some reviews, but in all of those, PlagScan was included, while in some reviews, Grammarly isn’t even included. Another popular choice is CopyScape, although it hasn’t belonged to the top five in the list, except one, regarding plagiarism. Rather, some popular and recommended choices are Plagium, PaperRater, Plagiarisma, DupliChecker, and CopyLeaks.

Other things to consider:

While these are the two most common and critical things to consider in essay writing, but there are also other factors to consider, like essay outline, or the fluidity of thoughts. Another is the essay form – this is very important to consider in writing an essay, as you have to determine the purpose of writing one. In these areas, there are valuable applications that can aid in the writing process. Above all, the most important tip is to take a look at different writing styles, and choose one that appeals to you, and even suits you. Then try to bend it to and give a more personal touch. So, ready to write a killer essay? Anything can be a writing inspiration; all it takes is an eye that can see things in a different light. Have that eye.

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