What Makes Good Cause and Effect Paper?

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Scholars, students, and bloggers often meet situations where they have to prepare a cause and effect paper. In this light, they should have a comprehensive understanding of the features and characteristics that define a good cause and effect paper that will be clear, outstanding, and timeless.

It is important to decide if you are going to write a paper that is going to inform or persuade. Again, bear in mind that there are some causes which are indirect, or remote. Other causes occur far much later. In other words, such a paper should offer a comprehensive explanation of phenomena in an objective manner and using empirical evidence.

Features of a Good Cause and Effect Paper

In order to write a good cause and effect essay, you ought you examine why things do happen. Consequently, investigate the outcomes of why things happen. For example, if you are writing a paper on causes of homelessness, have in mind that the rising cost of housing, accompanied by lack of a stable job, is a major cause of homelessness. Indirectly, one of the effects of homelessness is crime. This is because there is a higher possibility that a homeless person will steal in order to survive.

The major causes and effects of a paper are known as the primary causes and effects. The causes and effects that are not very important are known as contributory. However, do not be tempted to biased and subjective assumptions concerning certain events. For example, the fact that there are many young people participating in Halloween in Chicago does not necessarily mean that they will fuel a riot.

Similarly, if you are investigating why women still stay even when a relationship is abusive, bear in mind that factors such as falling in love can literally make one go blind to pertinent challenges such as being in an abusive relationship.

In some cases, there is a multiplicity of causes. In fact, some events cannot be explained by one single cause. For example, if a student has decided to study law, the following could have contributed to that event in one way or another:

  • Possibility of getting a job in global affairs
  • The uncle studied the same thing, thus a source of motivation and exposure
  • Possibility of getting a high salary

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When you are discussing a cause and effect paper, be sure to state if you are discussing cause, or effect, or even both. In fact, this should be made clear in the early stages of writing the paper in order to avoid confusion. In connection to this, create a good outline that will guide you in writing the paper and be faithful to it.

The outline should have a list of all the possibilities in order of priority and strengths. Be sure to recognize the trends, events, and phenomenon. However, start with a general statement and then go to specifics.

The conclusion unites all the paragraphs. However, it should not necessarily repeat what has been discussed. On the contrary, you can do new research. For example, if you are discussing the causes and effects of a certain recession, you could discuss a hypothetical recession and state how different it would be with the past ones.

All the same, the following words and phrases can help you identify causes and effects:

The best way of identifying a cause is through asking why something happens. The best way of identifying an effect is by asking what has happened after something has happened. Overall, a good cause and effect paper should seek to understand a phenomena, explain the phenomena, and make an educated prediction of outcomes.

  • So
  • Explanation
  • The reason behind this is that…..
  • Because of this
  • Conclusion

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