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In the United States, any student interested in going to a higher education institution must go through a lengthy application process. For many students, this is an exciting, yet confusing and potentially stressful time in their life.

From making the decision on what school to attend to writing the perfect essay, there is a lot of pressure to get everything right. In this guide, we will discuss every element of the application process and what you can do to make sure you are submitting the best applications to schools. You can also buy college essay if that suddenly needs to be done fast and accurately.


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Jessica Walrack is a professional writer from Clovis, California who has been helping with essay and traveling internationally for 4 years. She regularly contributes to several online magazines, keeps her own blog, and also is an education expert and coach at Edusson. Her areas of specialization include travel, marketing and education. When she’s not writing, you can find her out exploring new countries with her family.


Table of Contents

The Application Process



Guidance counselors


College admissions

Planning and Timing

When to apply

Senior year actions

4 year plan in high school

How to Select Universities to Apply To


Selectivity/Likelihood of Acceptance





The Right fit for long term plans



Questions to ask

Considerations when Applying

How Many Schools to Apply To

Keep Social Media Profiles Presentable

Extracurricular Activities

Early vs. Regular

What is Required When Applying

Application with essay

Academic records

Test scores

School recommendation

Teacher recommendation

Components of College Evaluations of Students

The Importance of the Essay

How to Write the Admission Essay

Read through the specific requirements of the school


Choose your topic Outline Tips

The Common Application

What is it

How to apply

Pros and cons


Follow Up

What works?

What not to do

Tips on Deciding to Attend a School

Terms You Should Know

Essay Experts that may help

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