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1 Balancing the Importance of Accountability in Bureaucracy and Democracy

Bureaucracy & Democracy: Accountability Dynamics It seems that there are always two different sides in government. In this particular case, I am referring to the relationship between Bureaucracy and Democracy. In the perfect world that we’d hope to live in today, we strive to vote for the best candidate, and that they will follow through […]

2 Unlocking Success: The Paramount Importance of Accountability and Integrity

Fostering Accountable Excellence The definition of accountability is being responsible for the decisions that one has made and taken.Accountability is a key element in being a good airman. Accountability creates trust, promotes ownership, and inspires confidence in one’s actions and decisions. It’s about being reliable and following the air force’s core values. Also, it is […]

3 The Importance of Accountability and Financial Management in Education

Financial Accountability: Foundation of Effective Education According to Brimley, Vern, and Rulon Garfield, authors of Financing Education in a Climate of Change, there are many reasons that accounting and auditing are important within schools. Most of these reasons can be attributed in some way to accountability (Brimley et al., 2016). For school leaders, there are […]

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4 The Importance of Accountability in Safeguarding Health Information

1. What is the abbreviation for HIPAA? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is known by the abbreviated term “HIPAA.” 2. What are some of the rights under HIPAA? Some of the rights under HIPAA may include: To see or get a copy of your medical records Sometimes, you will not be able to […]