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1 Pearl Harbor: Catalyst for Societal Change Post-WW2

Pearl Harbor: The Turning Point in War and American Societal Views Life after WW2 When the United States was coming out of the Great Depression, women and other races were treated differently. One of the nation’s most defining points in history was World War II. After almost a century, the belief that gender or race […]

2 Pioneering Courage: Harriet Tubman’s Journey to Abolition and Equality

The Heroic Journey of Harriet Tubman Slavery had left an important role in American history as it started in 1619 when nineteen African Americans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, by Dutch traders. The effect it left on the people and the inequalities they faced their entire lives was an everyday struggle. One of the most popular […]

3 Tragedy and Triumph: Harriet Tubman’s Journey from Bondage to Liberation

Introduction: Journey of Hope on the Underground Railroad A group of slaves travel through the forest alone, led by one of the most important black women to ever be on this planet, who are wanted dead or alive by slave catchers. They are traveling along the underground railroad and are looking for secret codes the […]

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4 A Resilient Journey: Harriet Tubman – From Unfair Treatment to Heroic Liberation

Introduction: Harriet Tubman was a hero, leader, brave individual woman, and determined hard worker. Harriet was a person who was treated unfairly, with little disrespect, and put under horrible conditions. She faced many battles growing up. Which turned her to be the woman she became and is remembered as in today’s world. All these things […]

5 The Evolution of Technology Impact of Industrial Revolutions and the Digital Age

Digital Revolution: From Mass Production to New Challenges In the late 18th century, there was an economic shift in Britain because of the industrial creations and ideas that were incorporated into mechanization. The hardship of working long hours and crafting things by hand was all solved with a single cotton mill and spinning jenny. This […]

6 Women’s Roles in Economic Transformations: Industrial Revolution and World Wars

Evolving Roles: Industrialization, Wars, and Women’s Changing Status The changing jobs of ladies in the family and the work push have revolved around the topic of whether industrialization improved or reduced the situation of ladies. The Industrial Revolution delivered a reasonable depiction of home and work. There were numerous social changes that happened, similar to […]

7 Industrial Revolution’s Impact on American Society: Progress and Challenges

Technological Advancements: Paving the Path for Economic Transformation The Industrial Revolution of the late 1700s was the beginning of a time of change for America. Moving forward in a progressive way could be the best thing that happened for the country. Although some could argue that moving at a pace we, as Americans, could not […]

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