The Handmaid's Tale

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2 Religious Symbolism and Structural Parallels in The Handmaid’s Tale and Romero

Religious Themes and Symbolism in Romero and The Handmaid’s Tale It is interesting to compare and contrast the films Romero and The Handmaid’s Tale through the structure of religion. The two films draw a comparison and similarities between elements that are significant to what David Chidester explains about normal religion. David Chidester states that “religion […]

3 Societal Reflections in “The Handmaid’s Tale”: Unveiling Parallels

Abstract: The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, is a novel that brings up questions about women’s rights, freedom, and oppression. Atwood gives you a look into a society run by men in a place called Gilead. This novel helps shed some light on how Gilead and our society today are similar in many ways. Atwood […]

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4 Analyzing Women’s Plight in The Handmaid’s Tale: Dehumanization and Oppression

Women’s Role in Enforcing Patriarchal Control: There is always a possibility that in a male-dominated society, women are the ones who impose and control the rules set out by them over women. In her novel The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood portrays a dystopian society of Gilead in which the male-controlled society restricts women’s individuality and […]

5 Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale: Power Dynamics and Demoralization

Introduction: In political terms, power is the ‘ability to control the behavior of people and/or influence the outcome of events.’ according to Typically, power is asserted to those of a higher rank on the hierarchy. In Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, there was a two-level hierarchy prevalent throughout the entire novel. Men were on […]