Women's Rights

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1 Championing Equality: Addressing Ongoing Challenges in Women’s Rights

Gender Disparities in the Women’s Workplace The problem that I am discussing or bringing to attention is Women’s Rights. Guys may think they are physically and mentally better than women, which is opinionable. Some girls are stronger in many ways than guys, but also the other way around. Some females prove their point to get […]

2 Exploring Women’s Daily Challenges: Health, Rights, and Equality

Daily Struggles: Unseen Challenges Faced by Women Have you ever wondered about the things women go through daily? To begin, a woman is a harder worker than you think. Men think that they can do better than us, but the truth is there are a few things that women go through that men will just […]

3 Women’s Right in the Abolitionist Era: Challenging 19th Century Gender Norms

Breaking Boundaries: Women Abolitionists Challenge 19th Century Patriarchy Thousands of American women in the years leading up to the Civil War were staunch abolitionists, and some even had prestigious leadership positions within the anti-slavery movement. However, these women were not immune to the patriarchal ideology that dominated America at the time. The American public largely […]

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4 Women’s Rights in Afghanistan: Perseverance in ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns

Women’s Rights in Hosseini’s Narrative: The Trials of Mariam and Laila Throughout history, Afghanistan has been a country in chaos. War, discrimination, and Taliban rule have all had an effect on Afghan people, yet more so on women. In the novel, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, women are portrayed less than men. Women […]

5 Iraqi Women Turn to Social Media in Battle for Rights Amid Danger

The Internet’s Role in Advancing Women’s Rights Globally The Internet has played an important role in everyone’s life since it was introduced to the public. Since its introduction to the world, it has become a necessity in every home for being an unlimited source of information that people use for academic research and even as […]