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1 Movie Review: Exploring Identity, Memory, and Belief in “The Lost Mariner”

Introduction: The Power of Narrative in Society and Science Everyone has a story. This idea of narrative as a defining trait of oneself contributes to society as a whole and sets boundaries for the way humans act and think. Counter to popular opinion, narrative can be used in a variety of situations, including empirically dominated […]

2 Movie Review: Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ – WWII’s Cinematic Brilliance

The Evolution of ‘Dunkirk’: Told from Air, Land, and Sea In May 1940, Allied troops were flanked by Germany on the Shores of Dunkirk, France. Although safety was just a skip across the channel, troops could not get there, the waters were too shallow for warships, and the channel was flooded with German U-boats. The […]

3 “One of Us” Movie Review: Unveiling Struggles of Identity and Belonging

Introduction The documentary film One of Us gives an account of the life of three former Hasidic Jews found in Brooklyn. Heidi Ewing, the director of the film, explores the theme of religion through the three characters: Etty Ausch, Luzer Twersky, and Ari Hershkowitz. Each character struggles with the sense of ostracism from their ex-community […]

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4 “Edward Scissorhands” Movie Review: Paradox of Rebellion and Conformity

Introduction: Challenging Conformity and Embracing Rebellion In a town of people conforming to the social norms, Tim Burton uses the outcast Edward Scissorhands to reveal the value that can be found in rebellion. Edward was created by an inventor, unlike everyone else in this world. The inventor’s cookie-cutting method to make new objects leads him […]

5 Movie-Review: Gran Torino – A Tale of Diversity and Harmony

Introduction: A Multifaceted Perspective on America’s Diversity I decided to go with a personal favorite of mine: Gran Torino is a great tale of an elderly war vet who is confronting his demons as he nears the end of his life. The conflict of the movie occurred in a neighborhood in Michigan. Basically, the problems […]

6 The Movies Rating System and its Impact on Contemporary Audiences

Rating System’s Evolution and Challenges Movies have been a favorite pastime for most of the world for decades. Short films began in the 1890s, with several pictures pieced together to make a small movie. Film studios were starting to be built in 1897, so it is truly a thing that has been around for a […]

7 The Evolution and Impact of Movies Ratings: From G to NC-17

PG Films: Creative Freedom with Caution Since 1968 there has been a system in place used to determine whether or not a movie would be appropriate for specific audiences. The Motion Picture Association of America is the group that decides what rating a movie will have. Although receiving a rating is completely voluntary, most filmmakers […]

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