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1 Medical Marijuana: History and Untapped Potential

Charlie’s Story: Medical Marijuana as a Lifesaver for Dravet Syndrome People often think of negative things when it comes to Marijuana, but for Matt and Paige Figi, the illegal “gateway drug” has been a blessing in disguise. Their little girl, Charlie, began having seizures at the age of 2. After years of tests, they finally […]

2 The Comprehensive Case for Medical Marijuana Legalization in America

“Legalize it!” shouting Americans are saying across the country, and honestly, why shouldn’t it be legal? In America today, we look at marijuana as a “bad drug,” and it is very common for many teens and adults to use cannabis at least once during their lifespan. We use marijuana for socializing, medical reasons, to escape […]

3 Unlocking the Medical Potential: How Medical Marijuana Transforms Lives

Charlotte, a five-year-old girl, suffers from over 50 epileptic seizures a day. Since using marijuana, her seizures have dropped. Marijuana is non-addictive and can’t be overdosed on. It is a natural substance not produced in a laboratory. It is one of the most versatile yet controversial drugs in today’s society. Marijuana can be traced back […]

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4 Medical Marijuana: A Controversial Cure with Undeniable Benefits

I believe marijuana should be a medical option. They believe that marijuana should not be a medical option. Marijuana can be consumed in many ways. When consuming too much marijuana, it affects the person’s short-term memory and damages lung tissue as well. Marijuana can cause mental health problems. Marijuana can cure muscle pain, and it […]

5 Exploring the Case for Medical Marijuana Legalization: Benefits and Comparisons

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is an herbal plant. It is a psychoactive drug that comes from a plant used for medical or recreational purposes. Some doctors and Natural Paths use this herb as a natural remedy to treat chronic pain and anxiety, as well as many other things. Marijuana […]