Marijuana Legalization

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1 Pros & Cons of Federal Marijuana Legalization: Impacts on Society & Industry

Growing Industry Potential: Federal Legalization’s Impact Introduction Marijuana legalization is becoming a large and important conversation in various states across our country. While 32 states have already legalized this mind-altering substance for medical relief, few have condoned it’s recreational use (Lopez). However, there is a push for extending legalization throughout the entire country. With this […]

2 Marijuana Legalization: Medical Marvel & Economic Boost

Ancient Roots of Cannabis Usage People often think of negative things when it comes to Marijuana, but for Matt and Paige Figi, the illegal “gateway drug” has been a blessing in disguise. Their little girl, Charlie, began having seizures at the age of 2. After years of tests, they finally found the cause. Baby Charlie […]

3 The Marijuana Legalization Debate: Economic, Social, and Health Implications

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization Marijuana also is known as some other variable name which pot, weed, or bud has been using from history since around 500 BC. It is a herbal of Cannabis sativa which has been using medical purposes like fiber medicinal and food-changing of the human body. In Early colonists, America cultivates Marijuana […]

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4 Marijuana Legalization in the US: Pros, Cons, and Future

Marijuana Legalization: Benefits and Controversies In an article by the New York Times, they mention that Canada has legalized marijuana. This leads to the following question, should the United States follow suit, or is Canada making a mistake? According to, the number of arrests for marijuana has plummeted in places with legal marijuana, saving […]

5 Balancing Act: The Complex Journey of Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana’s IQ Impact Today in the U.S., Marijuana is a big problem that raises a lot of debates. Americans have many different viewpoints about Marijuana. Some people use it to relax or to get high. Some use it for medical treatments: to remove their pain and to sleep better at night. Some people say that […]