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1 Ethical Dilemmas and Social Change in “Just Mercy”: Pursuing Justice and Empathy

Self-Awareness in Social Work Within my role as a Community Health Worker, I am often faced with ethical dilemmas which require conflicting values and policies. The balance of what is morally right and wrong is constantly in my heart and mind when it comes to the vulnerable populations I work with. However, this module’s material […]

2 Racial Inequality and Police Brutality in “Just Mercy” and “All American Boys”

Pervasive Police Injustice: After reading Just Mercy and All American Boys, I was astonished by the controversial topics I had read in each book. They discussed topics such as racial injustice and police brutality, which have been argued about for years. At first, I thought I understood these topics and how they affect people, but […]

3 Insights from “Just Mercy”: Navigating Injustice and Discovering Humanity

“Just Mercy”: A Glimpse into Injustice Just Mercy is a story written by Bryan Stevenson from a personal experience where he speaks more about justice, mercy, and empathy. In the entire story, he claims that the rate of injustices has increased and that people are being sentenced to death and life imprisonment for wrongly accused […]

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4 A Deep Dive into “Just Mercy”: Unveiling Injustice

Introduction to “Just Mercy” and Walter McMillian’s Case Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson is a book all about the injustices that happen in our justice and criminal system today. It goes over the many cases of falsely accused people, but it focuses mainly on the case of Walter McMillian, who was wrongfully accused of murder […]