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1 Career Goals: Business Administration vs. Mobile App Development

Business Administration: Stability and Organizational Leadership Are you positive you are on the right career path? Have you ever considered changing your major? These are some of the questions that undoubtedly every college student has to answer at some point in their college life. I am not the exception. Though we all may have different […]

2 Navigating Career Goals: The Journey from School to Profession

Early Planning: Shaping Post-High School Paths Career planning is the most important and challenging part of our life decisions. Based on their preference, people choose something in which they have their best interest. However, there is not any specific age period for building a career path, but it should be your own decision to make. […]

3 Mapping Out Career Goals: My Journey from Nursing Student to Professional RN

Navigating Texas’ Licensing and Career Opportunities in the ER My future success and development in meeting goals in my professional nursing career are important to know and understand as I transition from a student to a trained RN. I will be seeking employment in the state of Texas. A license in Texas is obtained from […]

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4 Unraveling the Positive Impact of Career Goals and Change for Job Satisfaction

Dissecting Job Dissatisfaction: A Stark Reality According to statistics from the Pew Research Center, 30 percent of Americans are not satisfied with their jobs. A national survey from the University of Phoenix suggests that the percentage of dissatisfied workers is significantly higher: 59 percent of working adults and 73 percent of professionals in their 30s […]

5 Crafting Your Path: Setting and Achieving Career Goals

From Childhood Dreams to Defined Career Goals When we were all very young, we wanted to be many things, whether it be an astronaut, a doctor, a pilot, or a ballerina. As a little girl, the first thing I wanted to be was a Pediatrician, then after that, a photographer, a marine biologist, a paleontologist, […]