The Great Depression

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1 The Impact of the Great Depression on American Society and Economy

Economic Hardships and Family Experiences During the Great Depression The great depression, as it was known in the U.S., was a time of economic failure and agricultural distress. Even way back when gum was only like 5 cents before this, the price probably jumped to like 25 cents if you could reliably find good gum. […]

2 The Great Depression: Lessons for Society, Economy, and Government

The Roaring 20s’ Economic Mirage The Roaring 20s was one of the most prosperous times in American History. The Stock Market skyrocketed to the point where even the housemaid held an owner of one of the leading companies. Everybody had a roof, a car, and a radio of the new economic policies like installment plans […]

3 The Great Depression Entertainment Renaissance: Movies, Radio, and Music

Entertainment Flourishes Amidst Great Depression Despite the 1920s being known as the Great Depression, it was also an enormous era of advancement and success for the entertainment industry. Radios allowed people to hear the news, listen to music and other things from their own homes, movie theaters boomed with the innovation of film and animation, […]

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4 The Great Depression: Causes and Consequences of an Economic Catastrophe

Introduction The Great Depression had an impact on the entire world, especially the US, from 1929 to the early 1940s. One of the most influential causes of the US economic crash was the Great Depression, which was created by people making big purchases with installments, overproduction, and marginal buying. Installment Purchases and Bank Strain: Precursor […]

5 The Dust Bowl and the Great Depression: Unearthing Causes and Impact

Dust Bowl Causes: Neglect and Overexploitation Before the 1920s, the United States was a country full of farmland that stretched for what seemed like forever. There were crops to feed the nation every single year without any natural disasters. However, that did not seem to last very long. Over time, the crops began to not […]