Trail Of Tears

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1 Historical Discrimination: Trail of Tears and the Evolution of Solutions

Unveiling Discrimination: An Overview Throughout history, discrimination has taken place across the United States. An abundance of people have been singled out, with many issues occurring. These challenges have affected black people, Japanese people, Native Americans, women, disabled, homosexuals, religious groups, and many more. Although these times were tough, the United States came up with […]

2 Unveiling the Trail of Tears: Impact on Native American Lives and Culture

The Trail of Tears: Forced Removal and Cultural Upheaval The 1800s were a tumultuous period in United States history. The population of the United States was increasing. Citizens were looking towards expansion. Portions of the West and Southwest were controlled by Spain and England, and the government wanted to hamper any eastward expansion by other […]

3 The Unheard Echoes of the Trail of Tears: Reclaiming Voices and Justice

The Trail of Tears: A Devastating Forced Journey Once Andrew Jackson was elected president in 1839, everything changed for the Cherokee tribe. Andrew Jackson’s administration was hostile to the Cherokee sovereignty and forced them to move out of their lands (without Cherokee agreement) and head West of the United States. The Cherokee tribe had endured […]

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4 Unearthing the Trail of Tears: A Dark Chapter in American History

The Trail of Tears: An Unjust Exile of Native Americans The Trail of Tears was the removal of the Native Americans from the Southeast of the United States. Cherokee, along with the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole, and more Indian tribes from the southern United States, were forced to walk through nine states and across the […]

5 The Trail of Tears: Unveiling Sorrow, Injustice, and Resilience

Unjust Removal and Tears of Despair The Trail of Tears is a sorrowful event in history. There were loads of dying and lots of tears. It was incredibly unfair for the Native Americans. Parts of the Trail of Tears aggravated me, but it is still a very fascinating story and interesting for all people. I […]