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1 The Fundamental Right to Choose: Empowering Women Through Pro Choice Abortion

Socioeconomic Impact of Denied Abortions I firmly believe that abortion is eternally within the rights of women across the world. If an individual is in agreement with legal abortion, the phrase “pro-choice” is given since it is, indeed, the choice of women. No individual or legislation should have the ability or authority to demand what […]

2 Defending Reproductive Autonomy: The Pro-Choice Abortion Movement

Abortion Debates: Perspectives and Controversies Your loved one wants to get an abortion, but their state has made it difficult to access one. What would you do? Abortion is when a pregnancy is ended early. There are two types of abortion: medical and surgical abortion. (“What Is Abortion…”) Medical abortion uses an abortion pill. It’s […]

3 Navigating the Ethical Landscape: Exploring the Pro Choice Abortion Perspective

Defining Life: Characteristics and Conception “There are 40-50 million abortions worldwide every year. Which means there are about 125 thousand each day” (“Abortions Worldwide”). Abortions have been around for decades. It is the way to terminate a pregnancy. To this day, people have argued whether abortion should be legal or not. There have been endless […]

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4 The Ethics of Pro Choice Abortion: Balancing Rights and Life

Abortion Procedures: Clinic-based Methods and Anesthesia The age-old question of abortion is whether it is morally right or wrong. The definition of abortion, according to Revel, is “the premature termination of a pregnancy that is termination prior to birth” (Revel Ethics). The research led to finding how an abortion is done, what types of abortion […]

5 Navigating Controversy: The Pro Choice Abortion Paradigm

Empowering Choice: Understanding Abortion Within Complex Circumstances Abortion is a controversial topic all around, but when you think about it, is it really bad? A woman is carrying a baby; the circumstances and details are unknown, but she doesn’t want to keep it. She should be allowed to make that decision without someone shaming her […]