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1 Harnessing Army Values: Embracing Diversity for Organizational Success

The purpose of this essay is to show how diversity is fundamental to an organization’s development and success. Statistics show diversity, without a doubt, is becoming more and more predominant in all aspects of daily life. The US Army, in particular, is one of those organizations that is composed of individuals from different countries and […]

2 Diversity Beyond Fashion: The True Value of Anti-Discrimination

Diversity in Anti-Discrimination Solutions: An Introduction This article gives a summary of the three anti-discrimination solutions that consist of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Over the past years, the concept of diversity has become more popular. The most important part of these approaches to diversity is to know how the approaches are put together, how people […]

3 Diversity’s Power: From Adelphi Streets to Law School Seats

Diversity in Roots: Resilience Through Immigrant Struggles Growing up, I never paid it any mind that my family was completely made of immigrants who spoke English with heavy accents and barely made it past the eleventh grade. My mother came to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Despite the fact that she was unfamiliar […]

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4 Diversity at BHS: Qualifications vs. Bias in Leadership Decisions

Diversity Dilemma: Mikayla’s Promotion The case study that is being presented is one that involves people resisting change and those accepting it, and the main issue is diversity in the workforce. The company that is having the problem is Bridgestone Health System (BHS), and the person making the choices is Ralph Stuart, the CEO. The […]

5 Diversity Through Torah Eyes: Navigating Multicultural America

Embracing Diversity Through the Lens of Religion Diversity is the experience of the everyday life. Dealing with other people exposes you to other opinions, customs, religions, and ideas. It says in Avos, “One who is smart learns from every person.” This means one who would like to be smart should learn from every single person […]