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1 A Dive into My Personal Experience during an Accounting and Finance Internship

Financial Skill Application: Excel, Asset Recognition, and Double Entry During the internship period, I was required to apply accounting and finance knowledge or business skills to work. For instance, I will record and analyze financial data or transactions by using a spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel. With the thousands of transactions made by the company, I […]

2 Personal Experience Triumph Through Football: A Journey of Perseverance

Overcoming Odds and Seizing Opportunitie Growing up in a city with a strong football tradition, every parent wants to see their child grow up across the district and shine in the lights on Friday nights. Even growing up in town means you have to attend one of two high school games every Friday night, watching […]

3 Personal Social Media Experience and Self-Esteem

Shifting from Exterior to Interior: Embracing True Self Growing up in the society in which we do now, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones, obviously, encompass a variety of benefits to the modern human; However, along with a smartphone, it is almost a given that individuals will exploit themselves to social media. Social media poses […]

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