Declaration Of Independence

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1 Debunking Myths: Declaration of Independence & the American Revolution

Myths & Misconceptions: Distorted Narratives The American Revolution was an era that marked American history. During this era, the Americans teamed up and commenced a war against their colonialists. Washington led to the victory of USA citizens in defeating the Europeans, and it led to a stalemate within American history. The Continental Congress on July […]

2 Unveiling the Declaration of Independence: From Debate to Ink

Declaration’s Emblematic Engraving & Congress’ Gathering The most famous well-known document in the U.S. was the Declaration of Independence is engraved with the famous known words “In Congress, July 4, 1776” at the top of the document. At the bottom, they have one of the most famous historical presidents of the Continental Congress, John Hancock, […]

3 The Declaration of Independence: John Hancock’s Legacy

John Hancock: From Signature to Legacy Who has the larger signature, John Hancock or President Trump? Not surprisingly, the answer is President Trump. But John Hancock’s signature was bigger than the rest of them on the Declaration of Independence for a very different reason, though. Some legends say the extra large and largely famous signature […]