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1 Hidden Consequences: Teen Drug Abuse Impact on Health, Education, & Society

Consequences of Teen Drug Abuse Teens all around the world abuse drugs on a daily basis. Most parents and responsible adults ignore the abuse due to the fact that they themselves use it. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are all places to find examples of teens who blatantly show this abuse. A simple hashtag (ex., […]

2 Tackling Youth Drug Abuse in Hong Kong: Nurses as Educators and Caretakers

Introduction Heroin, ketamine, ice, and cannabis, to name but just a few, bear a marked similarity- a common type of drug abuse. It is a worrying trend in lowering the age of drug abusers in Hong Kong. All secondary or above levels students who were first drug-taking at aged ten or below was 10.5% while […]

3 The Epidemic of Prescription Drug Abuse: Causes, Risks, and Impact

Causes and Consequences Why is the abuse of prescription drugs so widespread? What types of drugs are typically abused? Are consumers aware of the risks of prescription abuse? These are questions that people need answers to. They need to know the main question first, which is what is prescription drug abuse? A prescription drug is […]

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4 “Heroin(e)”: Empathy & Innovation in Drug Abuse Response

Lifesaving Naloxone: Compassionate Intervention “Heroin(e)” is a Netflix documentary that follows three women: a fire chief, Jan Rader, a judge, Patricia Keller, and a street missionary, Necia Freeman, and it shows a closer look into the opioid crisis in West Virginia, especially in Huntington, WV, where it has been called the overdose capital in America. […]