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1 Elie Wiesel’s “Night”: Importance in Remembering the Holocaust

The Purpose and Destiny of “Night” “I believe it important to emphasize how strongly I feel that books, just like people, have a destiny,” Elie says during the introduction. This truly speaks to a person because there was a purpose to this, all the lives lost, all the families separated. Often when disastrous and horrifying […]

2 Understanding the Holocaust through Elie Wiesel’s “Night”

Introduction to “Night” and Elie Wiesel’s Experience The autobiographical book “Night” by Elie Wiesel tells us about the rough lives of living in the concentration camps. This book is about a young boy witnessing the gruesome of innocent lives being taken, who survives the Holocaust and loses his father for three months. During World War […]

3 Understanding the Holocaust: A Deep Dive into Atrocities and Aftermath

The Roots of the Holocaust The Holocaust is presumably the greatest genocide we know about; these atrocities thrived not because of the fear in the ranks/ not following orders as often misunderstood but because of the prevalent anti-Semitism, racism, and hate that was cultivated, praised, and allowed to thrive during that time period. Calling the […]

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4 Dehumanization, Faith, and Destiny in Holocaust and Slavery Narratives

Voices from the Abyss: Wiesel and Douglass on Inhumanity Forced into bondage due to their racial differences, victims of the Holocaust and American slavery had their lives destined in endless torment where they had lost a sense of humanity and hope. The events of the Holocaust and slavery had inflicted many lasting effects of devastation […]