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1 Microeconomics of Healthcare: Regulatory Challenges for Abbot Industries

Navigating Regulatory Challenges: Compliance and Risk Management in Healthcare Industry Abbot Industries specializes in the production and marketing of varied healthcare products. The materials for these products are purchased from several suppliers around the world. They manufacture a wide range of products extending into pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics and devices, nutritional products, and data management software. […]

2 Poverty and Education: The Hidden Struggles and the Need for Change

The Disparities of Poverty: From Home to School Hallways Poverty negatively impacts students in so many ways. From the beginning, students who come from families above the poverty line enter school more prepared than the students below it. Their parents read to them, play educated games, and even have conversations with them that promote learning […]

3 Asthma Chronicles: Navigating Life with Breathless Moments

Sibling Perspectives: Contrasting Journeys with Asthma I have asthma, or that is what I have been told for the last almost eighteen years. Growing up with asthma has not been a walk in the park, but I am handling it. This is the story of my life with asthma. It all started when I was […]

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4 Asthma: Understanding Its Impact and Complications on the Respiratory System

The Respiratory Battle: Understanding Asthma’s Growing Impact and Causes There are many different people who don’t think that asthma can cause many complications. Asthma is considered a killer disease because you most definitely can die from asthma. There are about eleven Americans die from asthma each day. There are more than 4,000 deaths due to […]

5 Personal Beliefs and Health: The Health Belief Model Among University Students

Understanding Health Behavior: The Health Belief Model’s Application in University Settings The Health Belief Model & University Students The Health Belief Model (HBM) is a method that scientists use to predict different health behaviors. It all started in the 50s when researchers were trying to explain why a large number of individuals were not very […]

6 Exploring Alcoholism: Signs, Symptoms, and Consequences

Introduction: Alcoholism is a prevalent disease that occurs around the world and comes with a price to pay. It is the repetitive pattern of misusing alcohol as an antidepressant and creating habits of drinking tolerance and withdrawals. More so, it is the act of being considered an alcoholic; however, it does not start or stop […]

7 Exploring the Unveiled Reality: Alcoholism in Iron Man Comics

When you think about your day-to-day activity, for example, a simple dinner at a restaurant, how many people do you notice enjoying alcohol to take off the edge? Do you ever stop to think how many drinks someone has had? Our society is so used to the consumption of alcohol that we don’t notice how […]

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