Ocean Pollution

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1 Menace of Ocean Pollution and Its Impact on Ecosystems and Human Health

Introduction The Earth is covered by oceans. The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, holds 97% of the world’s water, hosts some of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems, and supports economies in countries around the world. There are many causes of why our oceans are becoming toxic. Ocean pollution is widespread, becoming […]

2 The Urgent Need to Address Ocean Pollution: Effects, Causes, and Solutions

Introduction Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog page. There’s a very serious topic I’d like to discuss this week, and that is Ocean Pollution. More recently than ever, ocean pollution has become a MAJOR problem. Its effects have become much more serious and hurtful to ocean life and our own as well. The […]

3 Ocean Pollution: Mitigating the Impending Destruction of Ocean Life

Introduction Millions of ocean species are soon to face mass extinction due to pollution. Pollution is everywhere we look, even the Ocean. All the trash that does not end up in the trash lands on the ground and eventually in the Ocean. Ocean life is on the verge of destruction by humans. The Looming Threat […]

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4 The Harmful Effects of Ocean Pollution and the Urgent Need for Action

Introduction Have you ever been to the beach and expected to see a beautiful, refreshing, and clean environment? Instead, you find a beach that is covered with plastic waste, pieces of metal, and chemicals. For example, in the North Pacific Ocean sits a massive patch. It has been famously known as The Great Pacific Garbage […]

5 Ocean Pollution: Challenges, Efforts, and Impact

Introduction The focus of my group’s project was ocean conservation. The oceans are one of Earth’s best gifts to humans, beautiful ecosystems growing with life that provide fresh food to jobs that millions of people can enjoy. These oceans may seem perfectly fine, and there wouldn’t be any major difficulties and concerns, but that’s not […]