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1 Exploring the Complex Web of Homelessness: Causes and Consequences

Understanding Homelessness Causes Anyone on the planet can turn homeless due to a large number of different reasons and explanations. The principle of causation of homelessness can turn destructive. This is a common social issue with a variety of social factors, such as a lack of affording a household to be in. It’s important to […]

2 Addressing Homelessness through Awareness, Support, and Change

Understanding Homelessness Imagine feeling lost, having nowhere to go, and not having the funds to buy your next meal, including not bathing and wearing the same filthy clothes for weeks. You’re spending each night behind an abandoned building, a bench in a public park, or even a vacant house. As the sun rises, you awaken […]

3 Reforming Homelessness: A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Mental Health

The Depth of Homelessness and Untreated Mental Illness Homelessness plagues the streets of every urban area in the United States; many of these people have health issues that have been left untreated. “Approximately one-third of the total homeless population includes individuals with serious, untreated mental illnesses according to a research summary compiled by the Treatment […]

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4 Navigating Homelessness in New Hampshire and Beyond

Homelessness in New Hampshire For my research paper, I have chosen the topic of homelessness. More specifically, the homeless problem in the state of New Hampshire and the issues that are currently unresolved regarding the matter. I’ve always found it alarming that although we live in one of the richest countries in the world, homelessness […]

5 Exploring the Complex Issue of Homelessness in America: Unveiling the Shadows

Rising Homelessness Rates Homelessness in America is snowballing for the first time in over a decade. The rate of homelessness is continuously growing by 0.7 percent, leaving roughly 553,742 Americans homeless. Conferring to the January Point-in-Time tally, the major subset of this latest statistic is of unaided children, accounting for roughly 15 percent of those […]