Food Insecurity

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1 Climate Change, Food Insecurity, and Resilience in Pacific Islands

Causes, Effects, and Climate’s Menace This essay will focus on the global causes and effects of food insecurity in Pacific Island Countries, how to overcome food insecurity and some potential solutions. Firstly, it will discuss the causes, which are Poor native soil fertility (atolls), land degradation (deforestation), food stability issues(poverty), sea level rise, and climate […]

2 Reducing Food Insecurity through Effective Food Waste Management

Food Insecurity and Wasteful Consumption: A Troubling Paradox According to the USDA, approximately 11.8% of households in America cope with food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as uncertainty regarding whether or not a household will have enough food for all residents. This 11.8% of households encompasses 40 million individuals. Clearly, we have a problem. There […]

3 Addressing Food Insecurity Through Community Engagement and Advocacy

Serving the Community Through Food Bank Engagement There are many different community service opportunities within each city that have different goals that need to be reached. My colleagues and I had the opportunity to serve at the Hays County Food Bank to help fight food insecurity. Food insecurity is a serious condition that individuals around […]

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4 Exploring the Complexities of Food Insecurity: Impact, Causes, and Solutions

Combatting Food Insecurity: A Call to Action for Healthier Communities Food banks and anti-hunger advocates agree that some of the causes of food insecurity are inconsistent wages, housing costs increases, unemployment, and food cost increases. Some articles that I read have reached an agreement to expand and improve participation in programs that can help low-income […]