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1 Leveraging Data Science and Machine Learning for Enhanced Cyber security

Rising Threats and Evolving Tactics Today, the world we live in is advancing in each field, especially in terms of technological development. Any work can be done through smart devices. The biggest boon for our century is the internet. With that, we can know what is happening around us and in every part of the […]

2 The Essential Elements of a Comprehensive Cyber security Plan

Cyber Prep & Communication: Swift Defenses Today you only need to google “Cyberspace security challenges” to learn about the daily threats of hackers. These threats could be identity theft, criminal hackers, cyber espionage, or even the threat of insiders, whether it’s spiteful, mischievous, or unintentional. The bottom line is that everyone is at risk. An […]

3 Safeguarding the Digital Realm: Exploring the Core Tenets of Cyber Security

Understanding Cyber Security Cyber security specialists today enlist strategies that exhibit due care toward three major necessities in information assurance: confidentiality, integrity, and availability, also called the CIA triad. That focus doesn’t change; no matter what technology does, it stands as a foundation to protect regardless of all other factors. Physical, operational, and technical security […]

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4 Emerging Cyberse curity Challenges in the Age of Connectivity

On my first day on the job in the information security department, one of the first goals was to set the top 5 security threats. These five threats include: Phishing – 90% of cyberattacks begin with phishing. This includes the form of what seems like real-life legit emails that seduce users to reveal private and […]

5 Cyber security Risk Management: Historical Trends and Mitigation Strategies

Managing the Risk of Cyber-Attacks Last year, the average cost of cybercrime globally reached $11.7 million per business (“Cyber Crime Costs $11.7 Million Per Business Annually,” 2017). This cost is expected to grow exponentially and reach an average of $150 million by 2020 (Ogborn, 2018). Because the frequency, severity, and number of exposure units have […]