Childhood Obesity

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1 Deciphering the Link Between Fast-Food Restaurants and Childhood Obesity

Fast-Food Restaurants and Youth Obesity: Examining the Link Youth obesity is a significant problem in the United States that is increasingly drawing attention from citizens and policymakers. Some estimates show that children age 10 to 17 have an obesity rate of around 15.3% (NSCH 2018). Children who struggle with obesity are more likely to develop […]

2 The Complex Interplay of Psychological Factors in Childhood Obesity

Understanding the Complex Factors Behind Obesity Obesity is defined as a metabolic condition whereby excess fat is deposited under tissues, and it can be caused by an amalgamation of psychological, ecological, and/or medical factors. This medical disorder is among the visible but ignored public health complications. This is likely to have health complications such as […]

3 Navigating Childhood Obesity in a Fast Food-Filled Society

Fostering Unhealthy Habits: Nurturing a Healthy Future A few months ago, my parents adopted my niece, the one and only granddaughter and niece our family of 7 has ever had. The story of my little niece’s life has so far been a little rough, with the mother out of the picture and my brother in […]

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4 Childhood Obesity in Latino Children: A Socioecological View

Understanding Factors Behind Latino Childhood Obesity Kornides’s article, Factors Associated with Obesity in Latin Children: A Review of the Literature, was an article addressing the issue of the rise in obesity of Latino children in America. The author referred to several possible causes of Latino childhood obesity; Diet, activity, genetics, environment, and acculturation. These five […]

5 Addressing Childhood Obesity: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Obesity’s Lethal Links: Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, and More The United States of America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. As Francis Scott Key said, “The land of the free home of the brave,” ever since we exonerate that phrase. Many rejoice in all the good in this country, but thousands of people […]