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1 Empowerment Through Choice: The Evolution and Impact of Birth Control

The Evolution of Women’s Control over Reproductive Choices It’s crazy how something so small in the past can grow to be something so massive in a short amount of time. Over time, women have been mistreated, underappreciated, and have been forced to not have control of many different situations. But over time, women have regained […]

2 Media Framing and the Birth Control Movement: Reproductive Rights Struggle

Struggles Amplified: Media’s Role in Reproductive Rights Debates In July 2018, Republican Congressman Jason Lewis’s inappropriate and sexist views about women were revealed in a CNN article. The congressman, who is known to be controversial, said that women who voted in favor of health insurance coverage for birth control “were not human beings and were […]

3 OTC Birth Control: Revolutionizing Access for Women’s Health

Executive Summary Contraception is effective in improving health and well-being in women while reducing health care costs from unintended pregnancies and abortion. Women’s access to birth control is inadequate, and oral contraception should be available over the counter in Kentucky. Introduction Contraception is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as one of […]

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