Police Brutality

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1 Unraveling Police Brutality Implicit Bias, Perspective, and Mental Health

Perceptions and Prejudice: The Officer’s Perspective Walking around the neighborhood, my eye caught the inside of a 7-11 store in Sanford, Florida. I saw a boy, a black boy. I walked closer to see his baggy sweatpants and a grey hoodie. He walked out, seemingly high and suspicious. I dialed the 911 number to report […]

2 Systemic Racism and Police Brutality Unmasking Injustice and Demanding Change

Injustices Unveiled: Tragedies and Activism On January 1st, 2009, 22-year-old Oscar Grant was in a subway station along with others as a report to the police of a fight was reported. Ten minutes later, Oscar Grant and a few others were handcuffed by Officer Johannes Mehserle and instructed to lie down on the ground. Five […]

3 Police Brutality: Uncovering the African American Impact

Origins and Tragic Incidents Good afternoon, listeners! It is Monday, December 10th, and Today, on our podcast, we will discuss police brutality against African Americans, and I will be sharing some information about what this issue is, what makes police brutality an important issue, and its effect on our society. To begin with this topic, […]

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4 Unveiling the Shadows: Examining the Dynamics and Impact of Police Brutality

Social Media’s Role in Exposing Police Brutality Police brutality has been a major issue in the United States for a while now. We, the people, used to look up to the police because we thought they were going to protect society from criminals. It turns out that the criminals are actually the policeman themselves. The […]

5 Addressing the Multifaceted Impact of Police Brutality on Society

Neighborhood Class Impact Police brutality is a problem that can affect the lives of the victims and the people they are connected to. This event has been going on for years, and today, police violence against minorities has become an extremely controversial issue. Many people have different perspectives on the topic. However, something most can […]